Ryan is a junior transfer student from Chicago, Illinois. He is a health science major with emphasis in rehabilitation sciences. Ryan currently is on the path to graduate school and pursuing his dream career as an occupational therapist.

“I chose the School of Health Professions at Mizzou because I met a lot of like-minded people who wanted to make a change for the future and I know I can successfully do so with the staff of this college,” Ryan says. “It is unreal the amount of honesty and respect they give students here alongside with their hard work to help every student succeed in what they want to do here at Mizzou.”

In addition to serving on as a School of Health Professions student ambassador, Ryan is involved in Phi Sigma Pi Honors fraternity, the Pre-Occupational Therapy club, Mizzou Skydive, and Table Tennis Club.

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus would have to be Stankoski field! It includes three outdoor turf fields completely open to the public from 5am till midnight! It is a great place to wind down the day and relax with friends.

What has been your favorite Mizzou moment?

My favorite Mizzou moment so far is experiencing my first MIZ Homecoming! Campus is maxed out with people trying to show their pride for our school and it really brings everyone together in all the craziness going on around campus.

When did you know Mizzou was “the one”?

I am a transfer student here at Mizzou and when I was at my old university I knew I wanted to transfer and I had three schools in mind. The University of Missouri was the first school of the three I toured and that very day I cancelled the other two tours and knew I belonged at Mizzou. It sounds cliché but it truly doesn’t take long at all to fall in love with Mizzou, whether it be the first walk you take on campus or a football game in the fall…it will reel you in first day and I’m glad I get to call this home.

What has been your favorite class so far?

My favorite course at the moment is my anatomy laboratory class in the medical building on campus. If you’re like me and fascinated by how the human body functions and getting to experience it first-hand… then I recommend this course 100%!

What’s your favorite free-time activity?

My hobbies and free time activities can range drastically here at Mizzou because I have so many I like to do. To name a few, I really enjoy playing table tennis with my friends at the student center, I go to a lot of free improv shows held on campus, and I’ve found myself driving an hour out on a Monday afternoon to go skydiving. Mizzou is far from short when trying to find activities to partake in!

Why did you choose your major?

My career path is in rehabilitation and I am striving to get into occupational therapy school at the moment. I chose this major because I wanted to have a connection with my patients first hand and strive for them to live a better life. Working within the health care system is a privilege and getting to see where your hard work goes towards is a really wholesome experience.

What’s your favorite place to eat in CoMo?

This is a tough question because I LOVE food and Columbia offers a lot of it. Some recommendations I have is the rooftop of the Broadway Hilton Hotel because of the beautiful views you get to have while enjoying some food…dinner and a view? How can you top that? Another place I go to a lot is Pizza Tree and I recommend this place to all my pizza lovers!

Why should students choose Mizzou?

This place I call home is beyond just a university, it houses so much more to it. This is an energetic college town with a family feel because people genuinely care for you and want to see you succeed. There are unlimited resources here to make sure you succeed in what you want to do.  There are hundreds of programs to find your perfect major, and there are hundreds of student organizations and opportunities for anyone to move forward and have fun. If you want MORE then Mizzou has it!

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