Dylan Hood is freshman from Jefferson City, Missouri who is majoring in health science with minors in biology and psychology. Dylan plans on attending medical school after graduation from Mizzou.

Dylan thinks students should be open minded when entering college.

“The University of Missouri has an abundance of opportunities that can enhance one’s collegiate experience both academically and socially, so an open mind and an ambitious attitude can lead to great success both in the classroom and personally,” he says. “Before entering college, have a focused mindset and an action plan because there will be many distractions that, if not focused academically, will lead you astray from your undergraduate goal.”

Dylan is a member of Theta Chi fraternity and serves as the Scholarship Committee head. Through this position he leads study groups and aids with academic success within the fraternity here at Mizzou.  Dylan participates in service outside of the classroom at local foodbanks and his church in Jefferson City, Missouri.

What is your favorite place on campus?

Stankowski Field

What has been your favorite Mizzou moment?

My favorite Mizzou moment so far has been being initiated into my fraternity after pledgeship while maintaining my grades.

When did you know Mizzou was “the one”?

I knew Mizzou was the college for me after coming to the football games during my childhood, and attending various Mizzou events during my high school years.

What has been your favorite class so far?

Biology 1500

What’s your favorite free-time activity?

Playing catch with a football on Stankowski field.

Why did you choose your major?

I think the health science major has immense versatility and allows for flexibility with electives. These two aspects of my major are perfect for a pre-medicine student who needs to fit in the pre-requisite courses.

What’s your favorite place to eat in CoMo?

HuHot Mongolian Grill

Why should students choose Mizzou?

Mizzou offers the perfect environment for individuals to better themselves academically and socially. It enables people to move outside their comfort zone and expand their network while receiving their degree.

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