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Delanie Fohey


Delanie Fohey is a junior from Palmyra, Missouri. Sheis a health science major with an emphasis in rehabilitation science and a minor in wellness. Delanie intends to go on to graduate school and one day become an athletic trainer.

“Becoming an athletic trainer has always been a dream of mine and it is surreal to see that it is starting to come true here at Mizzou,” says Fohey. “The more research I did on athletic training only grew my passion for this career path with the fast-paced decision making and new tasks that occur every day.”

In addition to being a Student Ambassador, Delanie has been involved in campus organizations such as The Rock Campus Church, Campus Lutheran Church, and Sigma Eta Rho, which is the School of Health Professions Co-Ed fraternity. In her free time, Delanie enjoys many intramural sports, spending time outdoors, photography, and volunteering at the Central Missouri Humane Society.

What made you choose Mizzou?

I chose Mizzou because of the way it quickly made me feel like I was home. During my visit, it was just my family and our tour guide. It felt very personal and like we could ask any questions we had. Mizzou is all about traditions, and being a part of them makes you feel like a family.

What should make students choose Mizzou?

I think the traditions that have been upheld throughout the years should encourage students to choose Mizzou. Traditions like Tiger Walk and Tiger Prowl bring you in and bids farewell to the university. Riding the Tiger and participating in the “MIZ-ZOU” chant unites the alumni and current students. Mizzou makes you feel like you are a part of a family and you always will be.

What residence hall did you live in? Were you in a FIG (freshmen interest group)?

I lived in Respect; I was not in a FIG.

What’s your favorite Mizzou club/organization?

My favorite Mizzou organization is Sigma Eta Rho, which is the School of Health Professions Co-Ed Fraternity.

What has been your favorite class at Mizzou thus far?

My favorite class that I have taken at Mizzou this far is Anatomy.