Anna Hoemann is from College Station, Texas. She is majoring in health science with a minor in wellness. She plans to continue on to physical therapy school, hopefully at Mizzou!

“My advice for incoming students is don’t be afraid to get involved right away!” Anna says. “Finding organizations or clubs you are passionate about can help battle homesickness and instantly give you a group of friends who are interested in the same things as you are. Mizzou has so many different groups to join; there is something for everyone.”

In addition to serving as a School of Health Professions student ambassador, Anna works as a tech at a physical therapy clinic in Columbia, is a team member at Smoothie King, serves meals for Loaves and Fishes, a Columbia soup kitchen, and is involved with the student religious organization, Veritas. 

Why should students choose Mizzou?

Every professor, advisors, and teaching assistant here wants you to succeed. There are so many opportunities available to help and enrich your education. Mizzou has created a great support system for students to feel confident in their career paths and academic choices. 

What made you apply to be an SHP Student Ambassador?

I applied for the ambassador team because I love talking about Mizzou and the School of Health Professions. This position is the perfect way for me to do both. As an incoming freshman, I was very grateful for the advice I received from the ambassadors I talked to. Being able to share my experiences and insight with prospective students as previous ambassadors did for me is very rewarding.

What made you want to pursue a career in healthcare?

Health care is an expansive field that is always in demand. People will always have health complications and need a professional to solve the problem and ease their pain. It is a way to serve others and help them achieve their best quality of life. I have always been interested in wellness and the variety of careers available.

What residence hall did you live in? Were you in a FIG (Freshman Interest Group)?

I lived in the Bluford Hall and was in a FIG. The FIG was a great introduction to not only healthcare but also how to navigate the transition to college in general.

What has been your favorite Mizzou memory? 

My favorite Mizzou memory is football game weekends. All of Saturday is centered around the game and the whole community gets involved. Students sit on one side of the field and alumni sit across from us. The alumni side starts to chant, “M-I-Z!” and the student side responds with, “Z-O-U!” We do this a couple times until the whole stadium is yelling. I get chills every time!