AnaBeth Spivey is from Kansas City, Missouri. She is a health science major, with an emphasis in rehabilitation sciences. She has a minor in human development and family science. After she finishes her undergraduate studies, she plans to continue her education and receive her doctorate in physical therapy. 

“The idea of helping people and developing personal relationships with patients fuels my dream of being a physical therapist,” AnaBeth says. “There are many different choices when it comes to work environments and the kind of patients you receive, which makes the job interesting and exciting.” 

In addition to being a student ambassador, AnaBeth is a part of the Pre-Physical Therapy Organization and a tutor for A Way With Words and Numbers. When she is not tutoring or studying, AnaBeth surrounds herself with close friends, sharing laughs and making memories.   

What made you apply to be an SHP Student Ambassador?

I applied to be an SHP Student Ambassador to get more involved in the School of Health Professions and develop and gain new skills that I can use in the future.

How did you choose your major?

Experiencing in person how a physical therapist operates is what made me narrow down my options and select my major and specific emphasis area.

What’s your favorite Mizzou club/organization?

My favorite organization is the Pre-Physical Therapy Organization, seeing as how I want to become a physical therapist!

What has been your favorite class at Mizzou thus far?

My favorite class so far has to be Classical Mythology — it is so interesting!

What’s your favorite Mizzou dining hall?

Favorite Mizzou dining hall is Baja — I love the food there!