The School of Health Professions (SHP) Student Council serves as an advocating voice for the SHP student body and acts as a liaison between the student body, faculty, staff, and alumni. Our current council is 27 members strong and represents virtually every major offered within the school, forming an incredible interdisciplinary network.

Throughout the year Student Council hosts several events that help promote both the School of Health Professions itself and camaraderie between all members of the SHP family. SHP Week, our biggest event of the year, happens once every fall and is a time we celebrate being health professionals through food days, fun events, alumni networking, and tons of prizes to be won along the way!

We also have several smaller events throughout the year, such as SHP Appreciation Day and various service days, that bring everyone together to help the Columbia community. If you’re interested in joining Student Council, or would like to speak with the Executive Board, please contact us at mizzoushpstudentcouncil@gmail.com!



The Executive Board (2017-2018)

President: Jacob Travis

Vice President: Lindsay Harris

Secretary: Megan Dougherty

Treasurer: Casey Hinkle

Director of Communications: Jenna Lawler

School of Health Professions Liaison: Ryley Ewy

Faculty Advisor: Lea Ann Lowery