shpda headerThe MU School of Health Professions Diversity Alliance (SHPDA) is an organization founded at the University of Missouri. We are a growing group and always accepting new members, representing undergraduate and graduate programs and any background. While we are an organization through the School of Health Professions, all students with a commitment to promoting inclusivity on our campus are invited to join!

The mission of SHPDA is to encourage diversity awareness in health professions students, faculty and staff by utilizing our four pillars: education, leadership, service and outreach. We aim to educate by expanding awareness on various issues that future healthcare professionals will encounter, serve by reaching out and giving back to the diverse communities our campus is enveloped in, develop future leaders through expounding and building upon professional development, and lastly, emphasize the importance of inclusivity.

Our goals include:shpda

  • Providing a safe space for students to express themselves and increase knowledge.
  • Promoting SHP to students throughout campus and the community.
  • Establishing relationships in the community through service
  • Raising awareness on important topics to spearhead impactful change to tackle our current health disparities.

All SHP students are permitted to join. There is no application process or interview, although we do ask that you be committed to the group! You can find out about meetings and events in the SHP weekly newsletter, or email … (I’m hoping they get a professional email for next semester)

All members are expected to complete the following requirements:

  • Be open
  • Maintain the safe space
  • Be positive and invite a friend!

SHPDA Executive Board 2017-2018

Frank May

Clare Gannon

Lauren Reeder