Prepare and Get Registered!

NOTE: If you are a new freshman or transfer student (started at Mizzou in Summer or Fall 2018 semester), you are required to attend a pre-registration workshop. 


Step #1: Check the advising worksheet for the program you are currently in or plan to apply to when you are ready.

Check off the courses you have completed or in progress and start thinking about the courses you can take next semester. Remember, your schedule should be balanced, allow you to be successful, and manage commitments outside of class while allowing you to make progress towards your degree.


Step #2: Check your degree audit.

This is the university’s official program that compares your progress towards your declared degree program.


Step #3: Log on to myZou, and check your enrollment date and time.

Early registration for the Spring 2019 semester starts on October 24th, but your date may be later based on how many credit hours you have completed.


Step #4: Build your schedule in “Schedule Planner” (you will find this in myZou).

Schedule planner allows you to enter in course options and time preferences in order to build multiple schedule options. Schedule planner does not ‘reserve’ seats in classes for you, and you will finalize your schedule when you enroll in your classes.


Step #5: Schedule an advising appointment in MU Connect.

Your advising meeting is best timed close to your enrollment date! For example, if you enroll in classes on November 12th, you should plan to meet with your adviser around November 10th-14th. If you cannot meet with your adviser before your enrollment date, you can still register and verify your course selections with your adviser after your enrollment date. Please note that meeting with your adviser too early is not in your best interest. The closer we are to your registration date, the more helpful your appointment will be!