Graduation, or commencement, is an exciting and momentous occasion for our graduates, as well as their family and friends.  We have included some information regarding the graduation process in the School of Health Professions and to address some common questions and concerns graduates and their guests may have.

Take the MU Outcomes Survey

Please complete this brief survey which asks about your post-graduation plans. It should only take a few minutes to finish and will provide the School of Health Professions with important information regarding your plans after graduation. Completion of the MU Outcomes Survey will also ensure the university is in compliance with a state mandated requirement to provide post-graduation plan information. Note: You will receive multiple emails that include instructions on how to complete the survey. You can also request a link to the survey here. When using this link, under “Your University” be sure to select “MU School of Health Professions.”

Graduation checks

All students scheduled to graduate will receive a graduation check via their MU e-mail account detailing cursory information about the graduation ceremony (date and location), general rules and regulations pertaining to graduation, as well as personalized information about their graduation status (i.e. if they are enrolled in what they need, or if they are missing any requirements).  It is the student’s responsibility to read the graduation check e-mail carefully and act upon the information if they are missing requirements.  Students with questions about the information contained in the e-mail should follow-up with their academic adviser.  Students making schedule changes after receiving their graduation check are strongly encouraged to review any schedule changes with their academic adviser.

Students scheduled to graduate in Spring or Summer will receive graduation checks via their MU e-mail account prior to the start of their final spring semester (with summer graduates also receiving an additional graduation check e-mail prior to their final summer semester).  Fall graduates will receive their graduation check e-mail prior to the start of their final fall semester.  Final graduation checks will be run after final grades have posted for the graduate’s last semester.  Any students who have a change in graduation status (didn’t meet requirements, or had a change in honors standing) will be notified via their MU e-mail account as quickly as possible after their final graduation check has been conducted.

SHP Commencement Ceremony

While participation in commencement is encouraged, it is not required.  Graduates may invite as many guests to the SHP commencement ceremony as they’d like and there are no tickets.  Spring and Summer graduates are invited to participate in the May commencement ceremony, and Fall graduates are invited to participate in the December commencement ceremony.  At commencement, graduates will receive an MU diploma folder and a congratulatory letter.  They will receive their diploma in the mail approximately 12 weeks after graduation.  Graduates who have not yet received their diplomas 14 weeks after commencement should contact the Office of the University Registrar.

Graduates will receive preliminary commencement ceremony information via their MU e-mail account in February (for Spring and Summer graduates) or September (for Fall graduates).  Graduates will receive another, very detailed e-mail with specific ceremony instructions approximately 1-2 weeks before commencement.  Graduates who qualify for participation in the Honors convocation ceremony will also receive communication from the Office of the University Registrar regarding ceremony information/instructions.  All University commencement ceremonies are listed on the Office of the University Registrar’s Graduation and Commencement webpage.

SHP Commencement Locations and Accessibility

Guests planning on attending commencement are encouraged to look here for information about accessibility, parking, and visitor relations; and here for maps and directions to the ceremony.

Latin Honors

Latin Honors will be awarded based on a student’s GPA of Record (i.e., UM System GPA). There are no restrictions in terms of minimum credit hours taken at MU, and there are no stipulations regarding number of credit hours receiving a letter grade (A-F) versus Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grade.

Please note that prior to the last undergraduate semester, preliminary honors are calculated using grades posted through the end of the most recent semester.  Preliminary honors calculations are used for commencement publications and invitations to the Honors Convocation ceremony.  Final (and therefore, official) honors are calculated once grades have posted for the final semester of undergraduate study.  Graduates whose honors standing changes will be notified via their MU e-mail account and the change will be reflected on their diploma.