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The Health Science degree program is a flexible, non-clinical program designed to provide students a broad overview of health care, preparing them for graduate school in health care careers or non-clinical careers such as human resources, medical sales, health informatics, wellness programming, research, and public policy. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Health Science in Health Science (BHS) degree will also select from one of the following Emphasis Areas, newly introduced Fall 2016:

Health and Wellness Services:

This emphasis area is appropriate for students who wish to pursue health promotion, wellness programming, non-profit work, or students who wish to pursue accelerated nursing. The Health and Wellness Services emphasis may also prepare students who have appropriate work experience as an undergraduate to work in fields such as health and human services, non-profit organizations, and corporate health promotion and wellness programming. Course requirements include biology, nutritional science, anatomy and/or physiology, public speaking, health promotion, and behavioral/social sciences.

Download the Health and Wellness Services Advising Worksheet.

Leadership and Policy

This emphasis area is intended for students who are interested in pursuing non-clinical pathways after graduation, though graduate programs in health administration or working in areas such as health informatics, sales, program coordination, and support areas in health care. Course requirements include biology, chemistry, medical terminology, public speaking, health care management, and health promotion.

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This emphasis includes students who are pre-medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physician assistant studies, optometry, and related graduate/professional programs that require an undergraduate degree. It may also prepare students who have appropriate work experience as an undergraduate to work for clinical research companies, medical or pharmaceutical sales, or other non-clinical health careers that require a background in science and knowledge of health care. Course requirements include general and organic chemistry, genetics, human development, abnormal psychology, and philosophy.

Download the Pre-Professional Advising Worksheet.

Rehabilitation Sciences:

This emphasis will primarily include students who intend to pursue physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, orthotics/prosthetics, applied behavior analysis and similar degrees. It may also prepare students who have appropriate work experience as an undergraduate to work as applied behavior analysis implementers, coaches for alternative community training organizations, or application to associate’s degrees in occupational therapy assistant or physical therapy assistance programs. Course requirements include chemistry, physics, anatomy, physiology, human development, and abnormal psychology.

Download the Rehabilitation Science Advising Worksheet.

Mizzou Online:

We offer an online degree-completion in Health Science. This is a transfer-friendly program, accepting transfer credit from regionally accredited colleges and universities. If you want to start a non-clinical career or work toward a graduate or professional program in health care, this may be the degree for you.

Download the Mizzou Online Health Science Advising Worksheet.