Slider-CAA-Standards-ReviewAll accredited speech-language pathology programs must fulfill the same content requirements; however, individual programs satisfy these requirements in varying ways.  Following is the list of courses completed by BHS students at MU.  These courses fulfill prerequisite requirements for the MHS program at MU.  While not all disorders areas are required, some exposure to disorders is necessary for a student to begin clinical practicum in Fall Semester.  If a student is lacking equivalent coursework upon admission to the program, a plan will be developed for its completion.

  • CSD 2120 Survey of Communication Disorders
  • CSD 3010 American Phonetics
  • CSD 3020 Normal Language Development
  • CSD 3210 Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech Mechanism
  • CSD 3220 Speech Acoustics
  • CSD 3230 Hearing Science
  • CSD 4020 Language Disorders in Children
  • CSD 4030 Language Disorders of Adults
  • CSD 4210 Voice Disorders
  • CSD 4220 Fluency Disorders
  • CSD 4320 Disorders of Phonology and Articulation
  • CSD 4330 Introduction to Audiology
  • CSD 4340/7340 Aural Rehabilitation
  • CSD 4900 Clinical Observation in Communication Disorders
  • CSD 7430 Neurophysiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing
  • One Statistics course (Recommended: Ed Statistics ECS PS 7170)


If a student with an undergraduate degree in a different field is interested in completing prerequisite coursework at the University of Missouri, the student must provide the department with test scores (ACT, SAT, or GRE scores) and transcripts for review to gain permission to take the courses.  Please contact Barbara McLay, Graduate Program Director, for advising and/or more information, including online prerequisite options at other universities.