RRT Frequently Asked Questions


Is this school accredited?

The University of Missouri is accredited through North Central Accreditation.  Though not required, the program is currently seeking accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) and anticipate completion of the process in mid-2021.

Do you offer the bridge from CRT to RRT online?

No. This online program is designed for the NBRC credentialed RRT to complete the Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) in Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences with an Emphasis in Respiratory Therapy.

How can I get my RRT if the MU program doesn’t offer this online?

Check the CoARC website for accredited RT programs in your area.

Do I have to retake the sciences if I have taken them in my previous RT program?

If the science courses are equivalent to the MU course, and a grade of C or better was received, they will not need to be retaken. Contact the School of Health Professions Student Services to find equivalent courses at your school.

How many hours will I need to complete my Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHS) in Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences with an Emphasis in Respiratory Therapy from MU?

The BHS degree from MU requires 120 credit hours. It is hard to predict how many credits each individual student will need to take because not all applicants will have met the state of Missouri general education requirements or the RT program science pre requisites. A program representative will perform a review of your unofficial transcript which will provide a more accurate estimate of what will transfer to MU. Send copies of any previous coursework to breathe@missouri.edu.

What is the residency requirement for MU?

30 of the last 36 credit hours must be taken at MU. These can either be on campus or through Mizzou Online. These 30 hours will include the required RT professional courses for the BHS and any other courses taken through MU to meet the degree requirements.

Will credits from any school transfer to MU?

Only college credit from regionally accredited colleges and universities will transfer to MU. Credits from nationally accredited schools are not accepted by MU. Contact the Respiratory Therapy Degree Completion Program at breathe@missouri.edu for any questions on courses taken or courses that will be taken to ensure the credits will transfer.

Will I need to take any clinical rotations at the hospital?

Registered respiratory therapists pursuing the Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) in Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences with an Emphasis in Respiratory Therapy online are not required to complete additional clinical coursework.

How long will it take me to complete my BHS in RT?

This will depend upon how many of the completed college credits will transfer in to MU to meet the General Education requirements and the RT program science pre-requisites. A typical online student takes one or two courses each semester, or 3-6 credit hours.

What will it cost me to complete my BHS at MU?

Please check University of Missouri Office of Cashiers for current tuition and fees.

What are the system requirements for this course online?

See the Mizzou Online Technology Requirements.

Where can I find more information about this program?

Please visit Mizzou Online, or contact the Respiratory Therapy Degree Completion Program at breathe@missouri.edu or by calling 573-882- 9722.

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