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RRT Degree Advancement

Take your career in Respiratory Therapy to the next level!

MURT GraduationIf you have completed a CoARC accredited program* in Respiratory Therapy and are credentialed by the NBRC as a Registered Respiratory Therapist*… then this program is for you! Please browse through our site for important information on how to advance your career by earning a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Respiratory Therapy.

*Canadian equivalent accepted 

This program, which is completely online, is one of the first of its kind in the nation. Students take core respiratory therapy course work online, which offers many of the same experiences as traditional classroom learning including: timely and evidence based assignments and projects, discussion with other students and faculty feedback. Students may complete the program while working full time in their own geographic areas.

Program goals

This program provides graduates of entry into respiratory care professional practice degree programs with additional knowledge, skills, and attributes in leadership, management, education, research, or advanced clinical practice both to meet their current professional goals and to prepare them for practice as advanced degree respiratory therapists.

Expected student learning outcomes

  1. Utilize management and leadership principles to solve problems and improve performance.
  2. Demonstrate strategies and techniques to enhance patient education and rehabilitation.
  3. Employ research methodology to analyze relevant medical literature.
  4. Integrate pertinent clinical data into recommendations for appropriate critical care interventions.
  5. Understand ethical theories and principles as they apply to patient scenarios.
  6. Analyze multiple perspectives on current issues in healthcare.

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What about clinical coursework?

Registered Respiratory Therapists pursuing the Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) in Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences (CDS) with an Emphasis in Respiratory Therapy online are not required to complete additional clinical coursework.

Best online bachelor’s programs

The University of Missouri’s online programs ranked among the best in the nation in U.S. News & World Report’s annual Best Online Programs. With more than 127 options, Mizzou offers the second most online programs in both the SEC and among AAU public institutions.

U.S. News bases rankings on institution-supplied data evaluating student engagement, student services and technology, faculty credentials and peer reputation among other categories.

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