img_0180General Application Information

Students applying must be at least sophomores, but juniors, seniors and college graduates may apply as well. Each applicant must be able to fulfill the equivalent of the requirements listed under the Freshman and Sophomore years on the Advising Worksheet before beginning the professional phase in the following fall semester.

The first two years may be completed at any regionally accredited university, college or junior college if appropriate courses are available. Check with our Student Services Office to verify that any course you take off campus is transferable and meets MU requirements.

Specific information concerning fees may be obtained from the MU Admissions Office. Financial assistance information may be obtained through the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Once accepted into the Respiratory Therapy Program, a student must achieve a grade of “C” (2.0) or above in all required courses to progress in the program.

Non-University of Missouri students will be required to apply for general admission to the University of Missouri before applying to the MU Respiratory Therapy Program.

We expect international students to be proficient enough in English to:

  • Comprehend oral lectures
  • Participate in discussions
  • Read textbooks with full comprehension
  • Write effectively in English

In addition to meeting the academic and clinical education requirements, students must possess and exhibit those personal qualities and characteristics which are associated with patient welfare and professional trust. Should it be determined that these qualities and characteristics are not present in sufficient degree and that satisfactory growth and progress in this area is not being demonstrated, the student is subject to dismissal from the program.

Successful completion of this program will entitle the student to a Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree in Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences with emphasis in Respiratory Therapy.

Application Procedure

All student applicants must:

  1. Be accepted to MU before entering the MU Respiratory Therapy Program. For more information how to apply to the University of Missouri, click here. Return the completed application to the Respiratory Therapy Admissions Committee, 605 Lewis Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211-4230. The application and accompanying $40 MURT application fee must be received by February 1st.
  2. Distribute the Respiratory Therapy Recommendation forms to individuals in two of the following categories: 1) Supervisor or employer, 2) college professor, 3) high school teacher or counselor, or 4) clergy. Recommendation letters from family members will not be accepted to meet this requirement. Completed forms must be sent directly to the Respiratory Therapy Admissions Committee and received by February 1st.
  3. Complete the Clinical Immunization Report Form and return with supporting documentation.
  4. The Test of English As a Foreign Language (TOEFL)TOEFL is required of every applicant whose native language is not English. A TOEFL score cannot be more than two years old. Our minimum TOEFL score requirement is 600 (paper-based test) or 100 (internet-based test); however, many other departments may have higher requirements.
  5. A minimum of eight observation hours must be completed prior to applying to the RT Program. These will consist of shadowing a respiratory therapist working with patients. The required observations cannot be done within a department in which the candidate is employed; nor can the observed therapist be a relative. Observations must be completed in at least two different facilities.


The Admissions Committee will obtain a MU transcript for all applicants. If the Mizzou Registrar’s Office has not received the applicant’s previous transcripts prior to February 1st, the applicant may not be eligible for an interview.

Processing Applications

You may inquire as to the status of your application at any time by emailing the Respiratory Therapy Program at The Admissions Committee will review and evaluate your packet when it is complete. If you wish to be considered for admission you must be available for an interview. Interviews are typically conducted at the Columbia campus or Mercy Hospital site in St. Louis; however, online interview accommodations can be made for those at a distance with advance notice. Interviews will be conducted during February and/or March. You will be contacted regarding an appointment date and time. Following the interviews, a class will be identified. The accepted students and those not accepted will be notified 2-3 weeks after all interviews have been completed.

Acceptance to The Respiratory Therapy Program is Contingent upon:

  • Acceptance by the University (non-MU students).
  • Earning grades of “C” (2.0) or better in all remaining program prerequisite courses.
  • Validation of previous coursework through inspection of Official Transcripts.
  • Successful completion of all clinical vetting requirements.

If you would like to obtain a copy of the MU Respiratory Therapy Program Handbook, please contact the Respiratory Therapy department at

We strongly recommend that you save a copy and/or make a photocopy of your completed application for your future reference.

SHarP Scholar Application

The Respiratory Therapy Program offers a guaranteed admission option for high school seniors and first semester MU freshmen. Students selected as SHarP Scholars, who remain in good standing, are guaranteed a position in the Respiratory Therapy Program upon successful completion of the requirements for admission to the program.

Potential SHarP Scholar students must:

  • Rank in the top 10% of their high school class of the time of application
  • Attain a minimum composite score of 30 on their ACT or 1330 on their SAT
  • Make an appointment to meet with the program director to discuss your application
  • Complete and return SHarP Scholar application materials by the due date
    • Submit the provided Recommendation Forms as instructed
    • Complete minimum required observation hours as instructed by the program
    • Complete an interview if necessary

**Meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee acceptance as a SHarP Scholar

To apply, click each form to download the Word or PDF format (PDF documents should be opened using Adobe Reader and not PDF viewers):

  • Submit the SHarP Scholar Application by carefully reading and following the included instructions
    • download the application in the Word or PDF format
  • Submit a Recommendation form to your Guidance Counselor or Principal
    • download the Recommendation form in a Word or PDF format
  • Submit a Recommendation form to a Teacher or Professor who is familiar with your academic performance
    • download the Recommendation form in a Word or PDF format
  • Complete and log 8 hours of observation in a Respiratory Care department on the Observation Form