Bachelor of Health Sciences in Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences emphasis in Radiography

This program provides an avenue for registered technologists who have graduated from an associate or hospital-based program to obtain their bachelors degree.  Classes are offered both on campus and online. See RT(R) Admission information.

General Information

Students who have completed an accredited program in radiography, have successfully passed the national certifying examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and have maintained their registration in good standing with the ARRT are eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences emphasis in Radiography degree from the University of Missouri.

To enroll in this program, students must apply and be accepted to the Radiography Program and the University of Missouri separately. Before applying to the Radiography Degree Completion program, contact the Director of Continuing Education/Professional Studies, Radiography Program, Mary Sebacher at

Accepted students must meet the following to graduate from the University of Missouri:

  1. Attain a minimum of 120 semester credit hours
    • Transfer credits from regionally accredited 2- and 4-year colleges/universities.
    • Take at least the required 30 credit hours at the University of Missouri. 30 of the student’s last 36 hours must be taken from MU just prior to graduation .
    • A minimum of 23 of the required 30 hours make up the core curriculum for the Degree Completion in Radiography program and are listed on the following pages
    • The Remaining hours will be chosen from the elective courses listed on the following pages.
    • Students needing more courses to complete the 120 hours required for graduation will be encouraged to choose courses from the list of electives.
  2. Students will meet the General Education requirements of the University of Missouri
    • College Algebra
    • English Exposition and Argumentation
    • Writing Intensive course(s)
    • American History or Government
    • Math Reasoning Proficiency course
    • Distribution Requirements
  3. Students will meet University graduation requirements
    • Second  Writing Intensive course
    • Capstone course in the major
    • Earn no less than a 2.50 GPA
    • Complete all other requirements listed above
  4. Students will complete pre-requisite and general education course work prior to enrolling in the upper level, core Radiography and elective coursework.
    • With advisor approval, students may have one pre-requisite course remaining while completing the upper-level coursework.

General Education Courses

College Algebra 3 hrs Gen Biology (lec & lab) 4-5 hrs
General Psych 3 hrs Human Anatomy (lec & lab) 4-5 hrs
Exposition 3 hrs Human Physiology (lec & lab) 4-5 hrs
Amer History or Amer Gov 3 hrs Gen Chemistry (lect & lab) 4-5 hrs
Intro to Speech 3 hrs
Behav / Soc Stud ** 3 hrs Humanities ** 9 hrs
** One course in each of these areas must be at the 2,000 or higher.

Courses Which Will Apply Towards the Required 30 hrs

The first group of courses listed below are Core Courses for the Radiography Program.  Students in the Radiography Degree Completion Distance Program will take seven (7) courses from that group.  The student may take either MRI Physics & Procedures or CT Physics & Procedures.  They will not be required to take both, but can if they so choose.  The second group of courses are Elective Courses.  Every student will have to take at least enough elective courses from those listed below to reach the required 30 hours. Courses are subject to change.

The courses listed below will allow the students to gain the depth and breadth of knowledge in Radiologic Sciences that they did not receive in previous course work.  They also provide students with educational experiences that will expand their creative thinking and problem solving skills.  The faculty believe this will prepare students for upper level positions in the current complex health care system including all aspects of Medical Imaging, whether it be in patient care, management, education, research or sales/marketing.  This curriculum will also allow students to pursue advanced educational opportunities.

Core and Elective Courses for Distance Degree Completion

Students in the Radiography Degree Completion Distance Program will take 7 courses from the following group of core courses. Every student will also have to take enough elective courses from those listed below to reach the required 30 hours.
Core Courses
Esc PS 4170 Applied Statistics 3 hrs
CDS 3460 Cardio Apps (Spring) 3 hrs
CDS 4480 Clinical Ethics (Fall, Spring) 3 hrs
Hlth Sci 3900 Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base (WI) (Fall, Spring) 3 hrs
CDS 4985 Healthcare Organization & Leadership(cap)(Fall) 3 hrs
RS 3150 Radiologic Pharmacology (Summer, Fall, Spring) 3 hrs
RS 4110 Sectional Anatomy (Fall) 3 hrs
RS 4140 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics & Procedures (Spring) 5 hrs
RS 4150 Computed Tomography Physics & Procedures (Spring) 5 hrs
Elective Courses
RS 4140 MRI Physics & Procedures 5 hrs
RS 4150 CT Physics & Procedures 5 hrs
RS 4946 Advanced Medical Imaging Externship 3 hrs
RS 4085 Problems in Medical Imaging 1-3 hrs
Hth Sci 4300 Health Care in US 3 hrs
Hth Sci 3300 Public Health Principles & Practice 3 hrs
Hth Sci 4410 Humanism and Health Literacy 3 hrs
Hth Sci 4400 Culture and Health Literacy for the Health Professions 3 hrs
ESC PS 4115 Human Learning 3 hrs
ESC PS 4087 Experiencing Cultural Diversity in US* 3 hrs
Soc 3440 Sociology of Health * 3 hrs
Soc 4210 Sociology of Aging * 3 hrs
CDS 4500 Bioterrorism in Healthcare 1 hr
Nuc Eng4330 Science and Technology of Terrorism and Counter Terrorism 3 hrs
* These will be available when they are offered via internet

Complete information is available on the web site. Go to Mizzou Online to become familiar with resources and information that will assist you as you pursue your academic goals.

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Application Information

Download the RT(R) Degree Completion Application Packet.

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