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Master’s Degree Program Overview

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To advance the health and well-being of communities in Missouri and elsewhere through excellence in teaching, discovery, and service in public health. To promote the unique strengths of the University of Missouri in interdisciplinary teaching, research, and practice to address the needs of global populations and prepare public health leaders to serve on the local, state, national, and international levels.

Strength and Quality from Academic Diversity

The Master of Public Health Degree (MPH) is the standard professional degree recognized throughout the world for public health practice. Governed by an Executive Council of Faculty from diverse schools and programs including Arts and Sciences, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Social Work, Health Professions, Medicine and Public Affairs, the MPH program at MU reflects the future of interdisciplinary research and service. Dual degrees with Veterinary Medicine, Journalism, Social Work, and Public Affairs offer students exceptional opportunities for training in zoonotic disease prevention, risk and strategic communications, and policy making. Diverse faculty research projects and supervised internships both at home and abroad provide entry to one of the fastest growing and most rewarding careers in public and community service. The MPH Program is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

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CEPH Accreditation

MPH Program Competencies

As part of the accreditation process, Master of Public Health Programs are required to identify specific competencies with which students are expected to graduate. Your competence in each of these areas will accumulate through course work, practical experience, group projects and by the leadership opportunities you embrace, such as by working with the Master of Public Health Graduate Student Association (MPHGSA). You will be asked to complete self-assessments of these competencies three times during the program (upon entry, before your internship and before graduation) and they will be useful in describing your skills to potential employers in applications and cover letters.

The competencies identified by the University of Missouri Master of Public Health Program were adapted from two primary sources, the ASPH MPH Core Competency Development Project and the Council on Linkages Core Competencies. The selection of specific competencies, as well as the addition of new ones, was guided by the unique focus and strengths of the University of Missouri Master of Public Health Program, including policy development and communications. The list was refined throughout the CEPH self-study process, with input from outside stakeholders, faculty, students, and staff.

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