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Graduate Student Advising

Upon admission to one of our graduate public health programs, you will be assigned an academic advisor based on your program of study. You will receive information about your adviser when you receive your admissions decision from the department.

Getting started

You will need to work with your academic advisor to complete multiple items. First, check out a sample plan of study.

Sample Plan of Study

Work with your advisor to approve and file a plan of study for completing your graduate coursework. You will also need to get permissions to enroll in public health coursework. You should check in with your advisor before the beginning of each semester if you have any changes to your plan of study or if you have any questions about enrolling in the upcoming semester. The best way to contact your advisor is to email them, include your 8-digit MU student number, and include the courses you are interested in registering for.

Contact your advisor

If you are in the Master of Public Health Program or in a Graduate Certification program, your academic advisor is Graham Greer.

Email Graham Greer