Delta Omega

About Delta Omega

Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health was founded in 1924 at Johns Hopkins University in order to recognize outstanding achievement in the field. Since then, Delta Omega has expanded to more than 100 chapters and more than 20,000 members.

Membership in Delta Omega reflects the dedication of an individual to increasing the quality of the field of public health, as well as to the protection and advancement to the health of all people.

Each chapter manages the induction of new members. The University of Missouri is the Gamma Eta chapter.

Gamma Eta chapter

The Gamma Eta chapter, established in 2011, seeks to enhance connections between public health research and practice and to foster relationships among MPH scholars, alumni, researchers and practitioners and those in related scientific and social disciplines. In addition, the chapter will encourage students’ involvement in public health practice, research and service.


Induction into Gamma Eta is the only method by which MU MPH students may graduate with honors.

The Delta Omega National Office offers leadership development and publication opportunities, networking opportunities, and discounted resources.


Current and past students in the MU MPH program (full time, part time, in person or online) will be invited to apply if they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • First year students: only one first year student will be inducted each year. This student will serve as President-Elect until May, and will continue on as President the following school year.
    • Entered MPH program in Summer or Fall semester
    • Minimum of 9 credit hours completed
    • 4.0 GPA in MPH courses
    • Must be able to attend all planning and official meetings of Gamma Eta (in-person or via teleconferencing). Time commitment averages 5 hours a semester.
  • Second year students: only up to 10% of the graduating class will be inducted each year.
    • Minimum of 18 credit hours completed
    • 4.0 GPA in MPH courses
  • Alumni: only up to 10 alumni will be inducted each year.
    • Completed MU MPH program
  • One faculty and one honorary member will be chosen each year by the Executive Board.

Invitations will be sent via email in January and selections are made by mid-February.

If you are selected, you will be required to pay a one-time $50 lifetime membership fee. This fee covers the cost of your certificate as well as benefits offered by the National Office. Members can also purchase a graduation stole or membership pin.

Inductees are invited to attend an official pinning ceremony at the end of the Spring semester in Columbia, Missouri.


Advisor, Jenna Wintemberg PhD, MPH, CHES

Executive Board Members

  • Advisor, Jenna Wintemberg
  • Member-at-Large, Michelle Long
  • President, Sherifa (Missy) Iqbal
  • President-Elect, Julie Muckerman

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