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About Physical Therapy

About physical therapy

Physical therapists help restore or improve mobility, relieve pain, prevent or limit disability and promote overall fitness and health. They are essential to the rehabilitation of people with head or spinal injuries, congenital conditions, arthritis, and neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. PT is an excellent profession for students who are good problem-solvers, interested in health and science, and want to help people achieve their best.

About MU physical therapy

The University of Missouri’s Department of Physical Therapy offers an entry level clinical doctorate degree. The faculty possesses a diversity of practice and research interests that expose students to the wealth of opportunities within in this profession. Clinical affiliations across the country and in a variety of settings allow students to experience first hand the value of physical therapists in the health care arena.

Info for prospective students


  • Accredited physical therapist education program through Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapist Education (CAPTE) since 1963
  • Offers guaranteed admission to qualifying high school seniors and first-semester MU freshmen through the SHarP Scholar Program program
  • Innovative curriculum with problem-based learning, student/faculty patient care, and real-world evidence-based practice experiences
  • Abundant community services opportunities such as treating patients alongside faculty in a pro bono clinic, working with individuals with special needs in adapted programs, or helping older adults with exercise or screening for fall risk.

Contact us for more information: 

  • Phone:  882-7103 to set up an appointment to visit with a faculty advisor.
  • Email: