A boy in a wheelchair laughs with two physical therapy students and one instructorrThe University of Missouri’s Department of Physical Therapy offers an entry level doctorate degree. The doctor of physical therapy is considered a professional program. Policies regarding tuition, financial aid, academic probation and graduation requirements are administered by the Department of Physical Therapy and the School of Health Professions and will vary from traditional graduate programs.

The faculty possesses a diversity of practice and research interests that expose students to the wealth of opportunities within the profession. Clinical affiliations across the country provide students first-hand experience in a variety of health care settings.

Info for prospective students


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Phone:  573-882-7103 to set up an appointment to visit with a faculty advisor.

Email: umcshppt@missouri.edu

Prospective Applicants to the MU Department of Physical Therapy

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be modifying requirements for the 2020 application cycle.

  • The requirement for observation hours (40 hours, two unique settings) will be waived for the 2020 applicants. We will ask you to report what you did complete on the Activities and Awards Questionnaire, however, this information will not be part of the decision process.
  • The requirement for the GRE will be waived for the 2020 applicants. Although some of you may have completed the exam, we will not be using the scores in our application decisions this year.
  • We will accept a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (Pass/Fail) grade in any core requirement (pre-requisites courses) taken during Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 semesters.

Please feel free to contact briedwellt@health.missouri.edu if you have any questions about the application process.

Thank you and stay safe!