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Suzanne Cary

Suzanne Cary

Suzanne Cary



  • MSW, University of Missouri, 1993
  • BS, Central Missouri State University, 1991

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Interests

Field Education; Bereavement.


2012 Outstanding Faculty Member Award from the School of Social Work’s Alumni Association

Research and Scholarly Activity

Focus: Little research has been published on the evidence for types of field placements. However, a recent article published by Ms. Cary and Dr. Curl focused on an evaluation of concurrent versus block field placements. This work suggests that the majority of students (at MU) would choose block over concurrent citing that block placements had more of the ‘feel’ of a real life future position. Other interests of Ms. Cary include palliative care for kids in which she would be very interested in conducting research. “Journeys” is a care coordination and palliative program with the University Children’s Hospital.

Most Interesting Finding: Ms. Cary’s most interesting finding to date is that so little research has been conducted on what is best practice for field placement. In most instances, the position of Field Placement Director is filled with a person with an administrative background and local clinical experience as opposed to someone with a doctorate. Given the wealth of data that is collected on the field placement experience, there would seem to be great value in reviewing the data with an eye toward regional or national field placement experiences.

Biggest Challenge: Time is her biggest challenge along with expertise. As Ms. Cary is a practitioner, she would love to work with a researcher who could help with analysis of data, creation of a formal field placement assessment tool, and identification of outcome measures that would provide valuable knowledge to the field.

Greatest Satisfaction: Ms. Cary’s greatest satisfaction is in doing practice-based research and in particular, she would like to work in the area of palliative care. This would be of interest not only to herself, but would be important information for students who are interested in hospital-based placements as well as to the community on end of life care for children.