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Carla Allen

Carla Allen headshot

Carla Allen has taught for the Radiography Program at Mizzou since 2006. Her goals include improving her teaching practice which also provides her with the skills and abilities to improve the delivery and quality of radiologic sciences education on a more global basis. She constantly strives to produce and publish high-quality research in instructional design, and exploration of the design, support and evaluation of critical thinking and problem-solving strategies. Her research interests include international collaboration, evidence based practice, visual information behavior and improving learning.

Courses Taught

  • CDS3460W Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diagnostic Applications I – Writing Intensive
  • CDS4985 Healthcare Organization and Leadership
  • Ra_Sci 3120 Basic Radiographic Skills
  • Ra_Sci 3160 Radiologic Physics
  • Ra_Sci 3170 Imaging Modalities
  • Ra_Sci 4085 Problems in Medical Imaging
  • Ra_Sci 4110 Sectional Anatomy
  • Ra_Sci 4150 Computed Tomography: Physics and Procedures
  • Ra_Sci 4946 Advanced Medical Imaging Externship

Educational Background

  • Doctorate in Information Sciences and Learning Technologies, University of Missouri
  • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Career and Technical Education, University of Missouri
  • Bachelor of Health Science in Radiologic Sciences, University of Missouri

Professional Societies

  • Life membership in the Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologists

MU Committees

  • MU Faculty Council on Research Cyberinfrastructure, 2012-present
  • MU Faculty Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property, 2011 – present
  • SHP Clinical, Teaching & Research Promotion Committee, 2010-present
  • SHP Research Committee, 2006 – 2010
  • SHP Dean’s Search Committee
  • SHP Student Appeals Committee
  • SHP Educational Liaison Selection Committee
  • CPD Committee on Review

Selected Publications

  • Chen, W., Allen, C., & Jonassen, D. (2018). Deeper learning in collaborative concept mapping: A mixed methods study of conflict resolution. Computers in Human Behavior (In Press).
  • Kabel, A., Allen, C., & Dimka, J. (2017). Whose mammogram is this anyway? Perspectives on technology, breast health and mammography. Design for Health (pp 170-186).
  • Chen, W., & Allen, C. (2017). Concept Mapping: Providing Assessment of, for, and as Learning. Medical Science Educator.
  • Cao, H., Li, Y., Allen, C. M., Phinney, M. A., & Shyu, C. R. (2016). Visual Reasoning Indexing and Retrieval Using In-memory Computing. In 2016 IEEE Second International Conference on Multimedia Big Data (BigMM) (pp. 17–24).
  • Denham, G., Allen, C., & Platt, J. (2016). International collaboration in medical radiation science. Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences, 63(2), 75–80.
  • Allen, C. M., & Saparova, D. (2015). Needs analysis on the development of evidence-based practice in an undergraduate problem-based learning context. Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 52(1), 1–4.
  • Allen, C. M., Erdelez, S., & Marinov, M. (2013). Looking for opportunistic discovery of information in recent biomedical research – a content analysis. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 50(1), 1–11.
  • Chen, W., Allen, C., & Jonassen, D. (2013). Does Collaborative Concept Mapping Enhance Group Members’ Knowledge Convergence? Presented at the Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education, Beijing.
  • Erdelez, S., Marinov, M., & Allen, C. (2012). Knowledge Discovery System for Research Hypothesis Generation from Serendipitous Findings: A Feasibility Study. In AMIA 2012 Annual Symposium. Chicago: Omnipress.
  • Wang, X., Erdelez, S., Allen, C., Anderson, B., Cao, H., & Shyu, C.-R. (2012). Role of domain knowledge in developing user-centered medical-image indexing. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 63(2), 225–241.
  • Wang, X., Erdelez, S., Lu, Y., Allen, C., Anderson, B., Cao, H., & Shyu, C.-R. (2011). Search tactics for medical image retrieval. Proceedings of the ASIST Annual Meeting, 48.
  • Wang, X., Erdelez, S., Allen, C., Anderson, B., Cao, H., & Shyu, C.-R. (2011). Medical image describing behavior: A comparison between an expert and novice. In ACM International Conference Proceeding Series (pp. 792–793).
  • Allen, C., & Wang, X. (2010, October). Accidental Discovery of Information on Medical Images: A comparison of expert and novice response. Poster presented at the International Workshop on Opportunistic Discovery of Information, Columbia, MO.
  • Anderson, B., Allen, C., Cao, H., Harnsomburana, J., Wang, X., Shyu, C. R., … Arthur, G. (2010). A Framework for Data Acquisition of Visual Knowledge Through Webcam-based Gaze Tracking. Presented at the AMIA 2010 Annual Symposium, Washington DC: AMIA.
  • Wang, X., Allen, C., Cao, H., & Anderson, B. (2010, October). Comparing Methods on Eliciting Episodes of Medical Image Information Encountering. Presented at the International Workshop on Opportunistic Discovery of Information, Columbia, MO.
  • Wang, X., Erdelez, S., Allen, C., Anderson, B., Cao, H., Arthur, G., & Shyu, C. R. (2010). The Impact of Domain knowledge on Medical Image Descriptions. In The International Journal of the Image. Los Angeles, CA: Common Ground Publishing.