Beginning with the admissions cycle that opens in July 2020 for the incoming class of 2021, the University of Missouri is converting its entry-level degree from the Master’s of Occupational Therapy (MOT) degree to the Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD). We are committed to the providing the highest quality education to our students and we are acutely aware of the cost and commitment that is required by our students and families. As we balance the critical factors of OT education, accreditation and professional practice, we believe this conversion is in the best interests of our students, our profession and the state of Missouri and people we serve.

Over the past two decades, changes and advances in the occupational therapy knowledge base, training requirements and accreditation standards have raised the baseline for proficient practice. With the most recent ACOTE accreditation standards update, we have reached the capacity of a master’s level curriculum and made the decision to revise our program to give students the opportunity to attain a doctoral degree.

Though the degree program now will require more time to complete, the MU OTD program is still an affordable high-quality option: the new program will cost nearly 60% less than comparable doctoral programs in the region, and 30% less than master’s programs.

At the time of this decision, the majority of OT programs in the US are either accredited or candidate OTD programs (55%). The number jumps to 84% if you include programs that are in the process of transitioning to OTD. We are proud to make this transition at a time when it benefits a vast majority of students who want to pursue the terminal degree in occupational therapy.

For more information about the OTD program or the transition process, please contact us.

Read Occupational Therapy Department Chair Tim Wolf’s letter to alumni and prospective students.