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Nuclear Medicine Students Learn the Manufacturing Side with Internship at NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes

Posted in School of Health Professions

Nuclear medicine is a specialized area of radiology that uses radiopharmaceuticals to examine organ function and structure.  But how are radiopharmaceuticals created?  It’s a complicated process, and only a few sites in the United States are capable of producing them. These sites are called reactors, and the University of Missouri’s Research Reactor (MURR) is the largest university reactor in the U.S.  This means that the School of Health Professions’ Nuclear Medicine students have the unique opportunity to receive hands-on learning regarding the manufacturing of these radioisotopes that they’ll use in their careers. The radiopharmaceuticals created at MURR assist with the diagnosing of various conditions, such as tumors and infections, as well as assessing organ function and blood circulation.  NorthStar is a nuclear medicine technology company that produces these medical radioisotopes in partnership with MURR.  After the radioisotopes are created at the MURR facility and NorthStar's isotope processing facility, they are...

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