On April 23rd, 2013 at the MPH Career Panel, Tuck VanDyne, Chief, Office of Women’s Health at the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services gave students suggestions for interviewing.

  1. Be familiar with your resume
  2. Come prepared. Research the business, State Department, or program so you can be prepared to associate your education or experience to the position. Also, research some of the agencies terminology/acronyms. It will also help you ask appropriate questions.
  3. Practice interviewing with professors or fellow students. Many state agencies have 2 – 4 people in an interview.
  4. Wear professional clothing when interviewing.
  5. Think before you answer a question to prevent rambling, repetitive or inappropriate responses.
  6. Bring a notebook, pen or iPad to write key words in questions if you are nervous. Some questions may have 2-3 parts to it. Also, feel free to ask the interviewer to repeat the questions and you can repeat it back to them if in doubt.
  7. Use good posture and lean a bit forward. Slouching in the chair or lounging back gives the impression you are not engaged.
  8. Use eye contact.
  9. Google interview questions on the internet to give you a general idea of interviewing. It also can help you focus.
  10. Come with questions of your own i.e. In order for me to be successful in this position what kind of skill do I need? Or, What are the top three skill you are looking for in this position? Ask questions about what management skills are practiced in the organization, what does a normal day look like, what kind of activities am I going to be doing or what roles will I perform?
  11. RELAX! Remember the interview is as much about you interviewing them as they interviewing your. It is as important that you feel this is a good fit for you as it is for them to determine if you are a good fit for them.

Have more questions about interviewing contact MPHGSA, your faculty advisor, or a member of the MPH staff to review your resume or schedule a mock interview.

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