Public Health is “the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations,public and private, communities, and individuals.” —CEA Winslow


What can you do with an MPH degree?

The rising causes of morbidity and mortality from health issues including obesity, sexually transmitted diseases and an aging population have created a need for more field professionals. The Master of Public Health degree is the standard professional degree recognized throughout the world for public health practice. Completing a MPH opens multiple professional doors. Below are some examples of job settings and titles:

Examples of Job Settings Examples of Job Titles
Advocacy Groups/Think tanks
Colleges and Universities
Consulting firms
Crisis Centers
Federal, state, and local government
Hospital and Clinics
Insurance Companies
International Organizations
Nonprofit Organizations
Professional Associations
Substance abuse centers and agencies
Assistant Professor
Community Assessor
Emergency Watch Commander
Health Economist
Health Educator
Health Scientist
Injury Epidemiologist
Outreach Specialist
Policy Analyst
Program Evaluator
Research Analyst

The University of Missouri site to search for assistantships and campus jobs, can be found at Hire Mizzou Tigers.