Stephanie Potochnick

Research Areas: Social Demography; Immigrant Education and Health; Education Policy
Courses Taught: P_HLTH 7150 Principles of Public Health; P_HLTH 7952 Research Methods in Public Health
Dr. Potochnick is an Assistant Professor of Public Affairs and Public Health. She joined the Truman School of Public Affairs after earning a PhD in Public Policy at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 2012.

Her research examines the social demography of immigration and how programs and policies can promote the education and health of immigrant youth. She has developed an interdisciplinary perceptive that examines how social, political, and economic constraints influence immigrant assimilation and shape the context of migrant reception. Through her own work and collaborations, she has examined a multitude of factors influencing the academic adaptation and overall health of immigrant youth including: how experiences with discrimination detract from mental health; how daily acculturation experiences affect moods; how educational support systems of new and traditional settlement communities affect academic motivations and achievement; and how the racial composition of schools affects achievement.

Current projects examine how state-level immigration policies affect the school investment decisions of immigrant youth at different times in their educational pathway and how settlement in new immigrant growth areas affects the psychological adaptation and overall health of immigrant youth.


  • PhD from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Selected Publications

  • How States Can Reduce the Dropout Rate for Undocumented Immigrant Youth: The Effects of In-State Resident Tuition Policies
    Stephanie Potochnick Social Science Research 45: 18-32
  • The Academic Adaptation of Children of Immigrants in New and Traditional Settlement Communities: The Role of Family, Schools, and Neighborhoods  Stephanie Potochnick Population Research and Policy Review 33(3): 335-364
  • The Decade of Immigrant Dispersion and Growth: A Cohort Analysis of Immigrant Children‘s Educational Experiences 1990-2002
    Stephanie Potochnick and Margarita Mooney International Migration Review 49(4): 1001-1041
  • Educational ‘When’, ‘Where’ and ‘How’ Implications of In-State Resident Tuition Policies for Latino Undocumented Immigrants
    Rajeev Darolia, Stephanie Potochnick Review of Higher Education 38(4): 507-535
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