The online program offers students the opportunity to work long distance with no face-to-face on campus requirements to earn their MPH degree. Requirements for the online MPH degree and the online plans of study mirror the Health Promotion and Policy (HPP) OR Veterinary Public Health (VPH) curriculum.

Distance learning provides location and day-to-day flexibility in scheduling ‘class’ for students who have work, family, or other responsibilities that demand students balance these other obligations. Online learning is not equivalent to self-paced, independent study nor is it ‘easier’ than face-to-face learning. It is a different style and may be one that suits your learning needs and style. Online learning and courses can involve weekday, weekend, evening course commitments, and occasionally synchronous sessions. Think about your personal schedule and the online courses offered in the Health Promotion and Policy OR Veterinary Public Health program as you consider the online MPH option. The cost per credit hour for the online MPH program is $453.60, additional course fees may apply.

Is online learning right for you? Do you have the necessary computer requirements?


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