You’re getting ready to graduate or complete a certificate!

— now what?

Complete all necessary paperwork

During the last semester of your MPH degree OR Graduate Certificate program, you will receive email notifications from the Graduate Studies Office and the MPH Program regarding how to apply for graduation/completion. The online application is only available for a short time at the beginning of each semester, so be mindful of the deadlines! NOTE: Certificate students who are planning to apply to transition to the MPH program, see Step 4 below.

Applying for graduation (MPH) or completion (Certificate):

STEP 1: (ALL STUDENTS) Apply online at the Graduate Studies site before each semester’s graduation/completion deadline. If you miss the deadline, please contact the Graduate Studies office to avoid delays in gradation/certificate completion.  NOTE: DVM/MPH students will only choose to apply for the MPH portion using this graduation application. You’ll work with staff at the Vet School for the DVM portion.

STEP 2: (ALL STUDENTS) Pull your ‘official‘ plan of study (Grad Certificate), M-1 (MPH and DVM/MPH), or DM-1 (Dual degrees with Journalism, Public Affairs, and Social Work) form through mydegreeplanner, (Screenshot/guide)  seek your faculty advisor’s signature (MPH only), then submit to MPH staff. You can also manually complete a form.

The signed/dated form can be submitted via fax to 573-884-4132emailed, or delivered to 802 Lewis Hall. Electronic signatures are accepted if sent from your MU email account.

NOTE: For Graduate Certificate students who are completing the Certificate and NOT applying to transition to the MPH degree, steps 1 & 2 are all you need! Please do review the resources below.

STEP 3: (MPH Only) MPH students participate in the School of Health Professions commencement ceremony.

STEP 4: (Certificate Students Only) If you are planning to apply to transition to the MPH program after completion of a Certificate program:

  • Complete a change form and return it to the MPH academic advisor during the semester you are completing the certificate program (via fax to 573-884-4132, email, or delivered to 828 Lewis Hall).  To fill out the change form: list your current program/department as Public Health and degree as Grad Certificate Public Health. In the new program/dept. area list Public Health as the academic program, your intended emphasis area (Health Promotion Policy –OR– Veterinary Public Health), and the Degree as Master of Public Health.
  • Indicate the semester you plan to begin the MPH program. Also indicate if you are applying to our online option or MU/UMKC collaborative option. Do not enter any information in the gray boxes.
  • When current semester grades have posted, Public Health staff will review your grades to verify you have met the requirement for grades of B or better in all of your certificate courses.
  • Make an appointment with the MPH academic advisor via MU Connect to develop your tentative MPH plan of study during the semester you are completing the Certificate. Click on the (star) in the left navigation bar to begin scheduling an appointment.
  • Sample part-time and full-time plans of study are available at ; please review prior to the appointment.
  • NOTE: If you receive a grade lower than a B in any of the courses and earned the Certificate with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, you will be required to submit a full application. GRE scores will be required and one letter of recommendation should come from an MPH faculty member.


Update your resume and cover letter.

The Master of Public Health Competencies guide the curriculum of the MPH program and are incorporated directly into your internship learning objectives. Use them as a resource to evaluate your strengths and describe what you know and what you can do!

Attend the MPH Program career panel.

In March or April of each year advanced career and human resource professionals in public health from around the area–and representing multiple sectors–come to campus to share advice on the current job market and meet with students. Check the Events page to see when it has been scheduled.

Make an appointment with your faculty advisor.

MPH program faculty have years of experience in the field and a variety of professional contacts. Your advisor can offer sound advice on looking for jobs even outside the Mid-Missouri region. Make sure to review the Tips for Interviewing.

Check our job postings often.

View our frequently-updated list of job openings and fellowship opportunities.

Stay in touch!

Visit the Alumni page and fill out the Alumni Contact Form so you can keep in touch with the MPH program.