When U. S. parents are asked what health issues they’re most concerned about, cyberbullying, sexting, and screen time top the list. Still, parents often feel uncertain how best to manage kids’ access to technology. Dr. Rachel Young, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa, will discuss her work on parenting in the digital age. In interviews, focus groups, and surveys, she’s investigated the concerns parents have about kids and technology and how different approaches to managing and monitoring screen time affect the experiences kids have online and the media habits they develop. She argues that media milestones, like a first phone, can serve as inflection points that create opportunities for prevention.

Dr. Young received her MPH from the University of Missouri in 2013. She also holds an MA and PhD from the Missouri School of Journalism. She spent more than a decade as a health and science writer and editor for organizations such as the American Medical Association and Cricket Magazine Group. Her research investigates the role of social media and other user-generated digital content in public health, with a particular focus on cyberbullying and online aggression.

Oct 20 1:30 pm Oct 20 3:00 pm