Admission Requirements
All admission criteria and requirements are the posted on our webpage for each of our programs:
Online Master of Public Health
Master of Public Health (on campus)
Graduate Certificate in Public Health
Graduate Certificate in Global Public Health
• Graduate Certificate in Epidemiology 

What are the application deadlines?
Application information and deadlines can be found under the ‘Admissions’ tab on our webpage.

Are there any circumstances under which I may apply outside of the application deadline?
Application deadlines are strictly enforced due the high volume of applications processed each
semester. However, if you apply late for a semester, your application will be automatically
considered for the next available semester.

What is the minimum GPA accepted for the MU Master of Public Health program?
The Graduate Studies Office at University of Missouri-Columbia has a required minimum GPA of 3.0.
However, MPH applicants with a GPA below 3.0 are not automatically excluded from the applicant
pool. Applicants may submit an explanation of a GPA below 3.0 with their application as a
supplemental document, or it may be discussed in their personal statement. The admissions committee
will review explanations and will weigh the below-minimum GPA against the applicants’ other

Are prospective students required to have an undergraduate degree in health sciences or related
No, the MPH Program admits students with a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds, as
public health is an interdisciplinary field with diverse applications.

Do I have to wait until I’ve received my Bachelor’s degree to apply?
No, applicants may apply during their final semester of their bachelor’s degree program. The
admissions committee will review your application packet and can grant you admission contingent
upon receipt of an official final transcript showing that your degree was conferred; all applicants must
have their undergraduate institution send a copy of their official transcript to the MU Office of Graduate
Studies before they may enroll.  For questions regarding the GRE, please see their website

Program Information

Is the MU MPH Program accredited?
Yes, the MU Master of Public Health Program is fully accredited through the Council on Education
for Public Health (CEPH).

How long will it take to complete a graduate degree?
On average, full-time MPH students complete their degree in two years and graduate certificate
students complete their certificate in one year. Time to completion may vary for part-time

Can I enroll in public health courses as a non-degree seeking student or a student in another
degree program?
Due to space constraints and approved on a case-by-case basis, post-baccalaureate students can
request permission to enroll in P_HLTH 7150 Principles of Public Health and/or STAT 7020
Statistical Methods in the Health Sciences. If you are a graduate student in another degree
program, please contact the MPH academic advisor for course availability and permission to enroll.
Credits taken prior to admission in our program are counted toward the program. For consent to
enroll, email no sooner than seven days prior to the first day of

General Application Compilation

What hard-copy documents should I submit with my application?
The MU MPH Program does not require any hard-copy documents to be sent in for applications.
Applicants should submit all required documents electronically though the online application
system. Items such as standardized test scores and official transcripts should be sent
electronically to the MU Office of Graduate Studies, after admission to the program.

For admission to the Graduate Certificate Program, how is the work experience calculated?
Graduate Certificate applicants are required to either have a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of undergraduate
coursework OR two years of professional public health work experience after the completion of their
undergraduate degree.

From whom should I request recommendation letters?
It is best to have one letter from a former professor and one letter from a current or former work
supervisor. Having letters from both sources will provide the admissions committee with an
assessment of both your academic and professional capabilities.

Can I submit my recommendation letters in an electronic format?
Electronic copies of required documents are preferable to hard copies. Please submit your
recommendation letters through the online application. If you have any difficulties,
please let us know at

Should I wait until I have confirmation of my letters of recommendation and/or test scores before
submitting my online application?
No, as soon as your application is complete with items that you have control over (personal
statement, résumé/CV, all required sections of the online application, transcripts, and personal
data sheet), you should submit your application. This will allow the MPH office to begin verifying
and preparing your application for the admissions committee. Test scores and letters of
recommendation will be added to your application packet as they are received.

How do I request a waiver for courses I’ve taken and would like to receive credit for?
During the application process, a course waiver request may be completed and submitted as a
supplemental document with your application for consideration by the admissions committee. You may
access the waiver form here.

Application Review

How many students do you accept each semester?
Presently our program is not capped at a specific student enrollment. Applicants are admitted based
on the extent to which they individually meet the admission criteria.

What is the rate of admission to the program?
Admission varies each semester based upon the level of qualified applicants who apply. For the Fall
2014 semester, approximately 70% of all applicants were admitted. 50% of all applicants to the
Spring 2015 semester were admitted. These rates are subject to change and are by no means a tool
in evaluating your potential acceptance to the program.

Will the MPH Program begin reviewing my application if it is considered incomplete?
No, our office will not forward your application for review by the admissions committee unless all
required items, including official test scores, have been submitted. Within seven business days of
submitting your application, you will receive email confirmation from our program stating whether
or not your application is complete or requires additional attention.

When and how will I be notified of the admission decision?
Your application will be reviewed within four to six weeks of submission of your complete
application. The admission decision will be sent to you via email. If it has been more than six
weeks and you have not received a decision, please email

I was admitted to the program, what next?
After receiving the admissions offer email, you must first officially accept your offer of
admission in the Apply Yourself system. Next, contact the Academic Advisor to set up a meeting for
your plan of study. Once you have verified your plan of study, you should be able to enroll in your
courses through myZou. Be sure to RSVP for orientation! Please refer to ‘Admitted Students’ in the
MU Office of Graduate Studies website for additional information on how to prepare for our program.
Also, you should check out ‘Living in Columbia‘ for advice on housing, transportation, and local activities!

I was denied from the program, what next?
Some students successfully reapply after enrolling as a post-baccalaureate student and taking a few
of the courses we offer. Others simply retake their standardized exams for better scores. Build up
your resume through volunteering, and develop professional relationships with charities and NGOs.
If you are planning to reapply for the Graduate Certificate(s), aim for two years of professional
public health experience. The stronger your resume and scores are, the more likely you are to be

Testing Information

What are the ETS codes for the GRE and TOEFL exams?
The institutional code for both exams is 6875. The MPH department code is 0616 for the GRE and 50
for the Internet-based TOEFL.

Where do I take the GRE?
For a GRE testing site, please visit the ETS webpage.

Where do I take the TOEFL?
For a TOEFL testing site, please visit the ETS webpage.

What is the minimum GRE Score accepted on applications to the Master of Public Health Program?
At this time, there is no minimum GRE score required. The MU MPH Program uses the GRE as an indicator
of academic success. If your application is strong in other areas (e.g. direct career experience
with public health, overall academic record), those factors will be weighted more heavily than your
GRE score.

Am I required to take the GRE?
Yes, MPH applicants may request to waive the GRE if they have attained an advanced degree (U.S.
accredited master’s or doctorate) and /or have taken another professional standardized exam such as
the MCAT, LSAT, or GMAT. The GRE may only be waived for an advanced degree if it has been
earned prior to applying. If you are still working towards your master’s degree and/or you
attained your medical degree outside of the U.S. or Canada, the GRE is required. You may access the
GRE Waiver Request form here. Please complete it and upload it with your application as a
supplemental document.

How long are my GRE scores valid for?
GRE scores are valid for 5 years after the original test date. Recently, the GRE testing format was
revised. If you took the GRE prior to 2011, we strongly recommend that you retake the test for a
more accurate score, as the testing format has changed.

Can I request a TOEFL or IELTS waiver?
All non-native, English-speaking applicants are required to provide proof of English language
ability. However, if the non-native-English-speaking applicant has successfully completed one year
of full-time post-secondary (college-level) study in a country where English is the native language
within the past two years, then TOEFL or IELTS scores may be waived. Read more

Are USMLE or ECFMG scores accepted in place of the GRE?
No, please see “Am I required to take the GRE?” above.

Financial Information

How much does it cost to apply?
The non-refundable Graduate Studies Office application fee is $65 USD for domestic applicants and
$90 USD for international applicants. The application fee must be paid (or waived) before the
Graduate Studies Office forwards your application to the MPH Program. More information about the
application fee and application fee waivers can be found through this link.

What types of funding opportunities are available?
While the MPH Program itself does not offer any assistantships, waivers, stipends, or fellowships,
there are many opportunities available to students across campus. They are highly competitive, but
many of our students end up obtaining assistantships. Check Hire MU Tigers frequently for
opportunities around campus. Please note that students pursuing any of the Graduate Certificate programs
are not eligible for assistantships.

How do I apply for financial aid?
If you would like to apply for federal financial aid or other types of funding, consult the Student
Financial Aid Office. In addition, you may refer to this reference page posted by the MU Graduate
Studies Office on financials.

Are Graduate Certificate students eligible for financial aid?
Yes, public health graduate certificate students are eligible for financial aid. Visit the Student
Financial Aid Office for more information.

When should I apply for financial aid?
Financial aid is not awarded until after students offered admission have enrolled, but it is best
to have everything in order as soon as possible. Students may begin FAFSA applications as early as
January 15. All prospective and incoming students should also correspond with Student Financial Aid
Office to establish their financial responsibilities.

How much does it cost to attend Mizzou?
Tuition rates vary between degrees and program. Depending on the MPH program you are applying to
(online or campus), the current course fees and tuition are posted by the Office of Cashier’s here: For projections of additional costs, please see:

International Applicants

Am I considered an international student?
If you normally reside outside of the United States and/or you are here on an F, J, or H visa, you
qualify as an international student/scholar. However, if you are classified as a
“Permanent-Resident,” you may apply as a domestic applicant.

Can I apply for entrance in the Spring or Summer semester as an international student?
No, processing visas and other necessary paperwork is a time-consuming process. In order to ensure
that that everything is in order, international students may only apply for the fall semester of
any given academic year.

What additional application requirements must I meet as an international student?
You must have official financial support documentation and an official English proficiency test on
record. You can learn more here.

Which transcript evaluation services does the MU MPH Program accept?
The MU MPH Program does not accept any transcript evaluation service, as the MU Office of Graduate
Studies conducts in-house evaluations of international transcripts. If you should submit a WES/ECE
evaluated transcript, you will be asked to furnish an original copy of your transcripts before your
application can be passed on to the admissions committee.

Will my transcripts and diploma specify that I was an online student?
No. Neither your transcripts nor your diploma will identify you as an online student. Transcripts
and diplomas are identical for residential and online students.

Are the online courses self-paced?
No, all courses are 16 weeks, instructor-led, and semester-based. Some online courses may even
require synchronous sessions.

Visiting Prospective Students

Below are a number of resources which prospective students may find helpful. To schedule an
appointment to meet with our program, please email

All about MU:

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Things to do & Places to see:

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Restaurant Options:

Organic/Vegetarian/Vegan Food Options:
o Café Berlin
o Main Squeeze Café
o The Root Cellar
o Lucky’s Market

Gluten-Free Food Options:
Range Free (Mostly top 8 free, uses dairy sometimes)
o Kaldi’s Coffee
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Halal Food Options:
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