St. Charles


Health Sciences


Why did you choose the health science degree?
I had a lot of different majors but none had what I really wanted. When I found health science it had all that I wanted in one degree. I could go into different fields. It was broad and gave me a foundation of health care. I’ve really enjoyed the classes. Clinical ethics remains my favorite so far. It was great. That class helped me because I knew about ethical problems but never knew them in relation to clinical environment. Applying clinic ethics in clinical situations helped me tie it all together, broaden my understanding of health care and it was a systemic way to approach things. It brought abstract things into perspective.

What are your career goals?
I want to pursue a master’s in public health with a concentration on maternal and child health. It helps me understand what it means to be a provider with a broad background in health. I feel confident in my preparation. There’s so much I will have to talk about from my undergraduate degree. Volunteering, leadership experiences I’ve gained will all help in my master’s preparation.

Why the focus on public health?
Health Sci 1000 is where I found out about public health in detail. Without that I don’t think I would have been that knowledgeable about public health and I’m not sure I would be pursuing this path. So I am really glad I took that class.

I learned about the maternal mortality rates in developing countries in clinical ethics. These are preventable things but since the countries don’t have the resources, they are lost. I have been blessed with resources and I feel it is my duty to go and serve. If I don’t go do it, who will? Who will go outside their comfort zone and serve? I like embracing other cultures. I want to make a difference. I have the passion to do that.

Why is public health important?
Public Health is preventative care. The hardest part is to convince people they need to take measures. If they don’t envision themselves ever getting sick, they don’t really listen. Being able to communicate with people and do it consistently and not give up on them will be a challenge.

What have some of your classes been like?
*Global Health – a great class to give a foundation of what I want to do after I graduate. At the end we had to give a presentation about a country and how they’re reaching millennium goals. I learned about things I didn’t expect to learn about.

*Women’s Health – It was a discussion class. It was different and helped me broaden my way of thinking when it comes to learning.

*Intro to Research Processes – That class was great because I had never done anything research-based. That’s important to understand where information is coming from and how to take information and apply it to future issues.