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DHS Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Department of Health Science’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee is dedicated to the following for the School of Health Professions’ faculty and staff:

  1. Encouraging conversations related  to diversity and inclusion;
  2. Listening and identifying needs related to diversity and inclusion;
  3. Providing opportunities for education, skill building, and awareness related to diversity and inclusion;
  4. Making connections across campus initiatives and events related to diversity and inclusion.

Chair: Nancy Cheak Zamora 
Members: Kristin Flynn Peters, and Hye Jeong

Programming and Resources

Traveling Diversity Library

The library is currently in transition. If you need to checkout a book or return a book email Kristin Flynn Peters at

The Traveling Diversity Library is open to all faculty and staff to engage in various topics including age, cultural competency, disability, ethnicity, family role and structure, gender, health, nationality, politics, race, regionality, religion, and socio-economic status. Check out the library contents.

Additional programming and resources on diversity, inclusion & equity can be found on the School of Health Professions Diversity and Inclusion page.