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BHS in Health Science

DSC_0656-SThe Health Sciences program is for students who wish to enter a non-clinical health career such as medical case management, corporate wellness, human services, medical sales, pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, and more. Graduates holding the BHS in Health Sciences may also be qualified to enter either graduate or professional health science programs, such as physical therapy or public health.

Emphasis Areas

The health sciences program offers four emphasis areas: health and wellness services, leadership and policy, pre-professional, and rehabilitation science.

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness emphasis is appropriate for students who wish to pursue occupational therapy, certified health education specialist certification, health promotion, wellness programming, non-profit work, applied behavior analysis, or accelerated nursing.

Additional course requirements: one biology, nutritional science, anatomy or physiology course, public speaking, a course in cultural competency, 2000-level psychology course, 2000-level sociology course, and health promotion and planning.

Learn about the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)

Leadership and Policy

The leadership and policy emphasis is intended for students who are interested in pursuing non-clinical pathways after graduation through graduate programs in health administration, law or working in areas such as health informatics, sales, program coordination, and support areas in health care.

Additional course requirements: biology, anatomy or nutritional science, as well as medical terminology, public speaking, philosophy, business software coursework, and health science coursework such as health promotion and planning, culture and health literacy, and health care management.


The pre-professional emphasis prepares students to apply for graduate and professional programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physician assistant studies, optometry and related areas.

Additional course requirements: general and organic chemistry, genetics, human development, abnormal psychology, and medical ethics.

Rehabilitation Science

The rehabilitation science emphasis primarily includes students who intend to pursue physical therapy, chiropractic, athletic training, orthotics/prosthetics, and similar graduate degrees.

Additional course requirements: chemistry, physics, anatomy, physiology, human development, and abnormal psychology.

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Missouri Online

The Health Sciences online program is a non-clinical program. It is well-suited for individuals with prior college credit who wish to complete a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field. Some people choose to enter the workforce or pursue graduate/professional programs after completing the degree, while others want to advance their education for professional and personal growth.