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Get Involved

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Looking to get involved, connect with peers, or enhance your leadership skills, click here to learn more about our student organizations

FIGs and TrIGs

Are you new to MU? Consider participating in a freshman or transfer student interest group! This is a great way to connect with SHP/DHS students and faculty. Contact your adviser or residential life to learn more.

Four Winds Thematic Learning Community — Dogwood Hall

This wellness-driven community is for students who are motivated to improve the lives of others. Whether helping a patient walk again through physical therapy or helping someone communicate effectively through speech therapy, you will focus on helping others by participating in community service and personal wellness opportunities. 

FIG students spend a lot of time in class learning from each other. General education classes shared by FIG students can be large lecture classes, so you won’t be limited to JUST your FIG friends – but it’s handy to have a roommate heading to the same class as you!

Students in FIGs often get more of an opportunity to interact with professors, upper level students and people in the community who share their passions. Students in Health Professions FIGs & TrIGs have the opportunity to connect directly with students, faculty & staff within the School of Health Professions.  You will also be housed in an area with students with similar academic interests.

Peer Mentor Program

peer mentor image

Gain peer-to-peer support from DHS Mentors.
Learn about campus and department resources.
Engage with DHS students who have similar interests and career tracks.
Boost social interactions and involvement on campus.
Focus on academic and personal goals.
Create inclusive learning environments.


SHP Health Sciences Alumni

Click here to learn more about getting involved with the School of Health Professions and view three of our SHP Alumni profiles. There are several alumni organizations and mentoring programs waiting for you to participate and join!