Declaring Your Major in Health Sciences

The BHS in Health Sciences program does not require an application. Students may declare their major in the Health Sciences program by indicating the program on the MU application (for new students), filling out a transfer of division form (for current MU students), or indicating their intention to declare a Health Sciences major to their academic advisor (for current SHP students). There is a 2.0 MU and cumulative GPA requirement to declare a major in Health Sciences. The cumulative GPA is calculated on all MU and transfer coursework. Students must maintain the 2.0 GPA, term and cumulative, to remain in the Health Sciences program. Students who fail to achieve that GPA may stay in the program for one probationary semester. If the 2.0 term or cumulative GPA is not achieved after one probation semester, students must transfer out of the Health Sciences program.

Residency Requirement

There is a residency requirement for Health Sciences majors. Students must complete, at minimum, the 30 hours of coursework for the degree as declared Health Sciences majors in the School of Health Professions. Students must be in the Health Sciences major at the beginning of a semester in order to include the hours in the residency requirement. Residency requirement hours for students transferring into the major during the semester will begin the following semester.

Acceptance of Transfer Credit

Coursework completed at an accredited four-year institution will be accepted without limitation. Transfer students must complete all coursework required for the Health Sciences program, including MU general education requirements. Students must complete the final 30 of 36 semester hours of credit enrolled at the University of Missouri and the last 45 hours as students in the Health Sciences majors in the School of Health Professions.

Students transferring from any other college within the University of Missouri system to the School of Health Professions are considered transfer students.


Courses may be delivered using traditional or distance delivery methods. The Health Sciences degree program credits must include a minimum of 120 university-level credit hours, including:

  • General education requirements comprise a minimum of 42 credit hours
  • Health Sciences core course requirement comprise a minimum of 19 credit hours
  • Health Sciences approved elective courses comprise a minimum of 18 of these credit hours
  • Electives fulfilling the student’s concentration area comprise the remaining 41 credit hours.



Advising for health science students is done in the School of Health Professions Student Services Office. Students need to schedule appointments to see their academic adviser. Current Mizzou students can schedule an appointment with their adviser through MU Connect. Prospective students may call 573-882-8011 to schedule an appointment with an adviser.