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Toddler Autism Clinic


Provide timely diagnostic assessments on children 3 years of age and younger (< 36 months) who present with the concern of autism.


  • Early interventions for children with autism have a proven benefit.
  • Timely assessment may help children have access to these services at a younger age
  • Provide families timely information about their child’s development so that families can move forward with early interventions.
  • Objective, documented, reliable information about a child’s development at onset into services provides a foundation for future outcome research.

Clinic Entry Requirements

  • Positive screen for autism (see Autism Screening Protocol)
  • < 3 years of age (36 months)
  • No prior ASD diagnosis


A Psychologist will perform:

  • Clinical interview
  • ADOS-2
  • Developmental test (to validate use of ADOS) and identify possible delays in language, cognition, and/or motor functioning
  • Interpretation of behavior, adaptive, and other measures

Referrals and Resources

  • Families will be provided a summary letter of results on the day of the appointment.
  • The complete report will be sent in the mail within 3 weeks to the family and the referring physician.
  • For children who do meet criteria for a diagnosis of autism they will be referred to the care coordination program here at the Thompson Center.
    • The family should expect a call within two weeks.
    • The Thompson center may be able to help link the family to valuable resources in the family’s community.
    • Most children will qualify for school-based services.
  • For children with a diagnosis of autism, the family will be referred to the Autism Medical Clinic establish long-term medical specialty care, to monitor development, and to assure that services over time are appropriate.

Making a Referral

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