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Autism Multidisciplinary Clinic


Provide a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary assessment of children or youth (18 months to 21 years of age) who present with complex medical or developmental concerns to provide diagnostic differentiation and advanced treatment planning.


  • Complex cases may require multiple professionals.
    • Allows for more comprehensive testing across several domains (e.g., OT, Psychology, S/L)
    • Allows for diagnostic differentiation in complex cases
  • Professionals from specific disciplines can provide more targeted and comprehensive recommendations that have a better chance of being adhered.

Clinic Entry Requirements

  • 18 months to 21 years of age
  • Completed history form
  • If the referral comes from an ASD diagnostic clinic (e.g., Toddler Clinic, ADEC): did not screen positive for an ASD (see Autism Screening Protocol)
    • If there is a referral question of Autism + negative screen for ASD = CAT-A clinic
    • If there is no referral question of Autism = CAT-N clinic


  • Interdisciplinary
    • Psychology
      • Provides cognitive testing
      • Provides behavioral testing (e.g., possibly ADOS)
    • Speech/Language
      • formal assessment
    • Occupational Therapist
      • formal assessment
    • Staff together
    • 4 hour visit

Referrals and Resources

  • Family provided with preliminary verbal information on the day of appointment followed up with a phone call when results are finalized.
  • The complete report will be sent in the mail within 4 weeks to the family and the referring physician.
  • For children who do meet criteria for a diagnosis of autism they will be referred to the care coordination program here at the Thompson Center.
    • The family should expect a call within two weeks following finalization of the report.
    • The Thompson Center may be able to help link the family to valuable resources in the family‚Äôs community.
    • Most children will qualify for school-based services.
  • The team will refer for other appropriate evaluations (e.g., medical evaluation).

Making a Referral

Complete an Online Referral Form

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