Provides diagnostic (cognitive and psychological) assessment for children and youth with a confirmed diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The results include a cognitive strength/weakness profile and specific treatment recommendations for medical, educational, and social functioning.


  • Autism is often associated with a complex and idiosyncratic cognitive profile of strengths and weaknesses. Autism is frequently associated with various comorbid conditions of neurological influence (e.g., seizures, genetic conditions).
  • This evaluation can help to pinpoint specific learning strategies for school as well as specific interventions for social, communication, and behavioral functioning.
  • Treatment recommendations are aimed at maximizing functioning and minimizing distress.

Clinic Entry Requirements

  • Birth to 20
  • Has a confirmed diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Not previously diagnosed with an Intellectual Disability. In these cases referrals to the LD/Cog clinic will be considered.
  • Patient can tolerate and would benefit from an in-depth assessment of their learning skills (problem solving, attention, executive functioning, memory)
  • Exclusion criteria: Patient not more effectively served through other clinics (LD/Cog, ADHD, CAT). Patients age 5 and younger will be considered in particular for the CAT clinics.


  • Board certified clinic neuropsychologist is lead clinician
  • Services provided include:
    • A 4 hour visit (max) where a clinical interview, neuropsychological and psychological testing are conducted
    • An in-person feedback session, two weeks later, is provided for a detailed explanation of test results, diagnoses, and treatment recommendations. Youth, generally age 8 and up, are invited (at caregiver’s discretion including patient’s potential to benefit) for a strength-based feedback. In lieu of in-person sessions, feedback sessions are provided via phone upon request.
    • Consultation with school districts is offered as needed to assist with continuity of care in translating the neuropsychological evaluation into real-world functioning
    • A formal report will be mailed within 3 weeks to the family and referring physician

Making a Referral


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