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infoHealth Psychology Department Chair Search

The Health Psychology department chair will lead a diverse team of award-winning faculty and staff members to support the tripartite mission of the department: research, clinical service and training. Learn more

The University of Missouri Department of Health Psychology promotes quality of life for individuals and families throughout the lifespan by addressing the complex interplay of medical and behavioral factors.  Our work promotes best outcomes by addressing a range of needs from the individual level to the social policy level.

Our department is comprised of neuropsychologists, rehabilitation psychologists, and health psychologists, who conduct research as well as provide clinical services and training.


Health Psychology faculty conduct research in autism, brain injury, and rehabilitation. Meet our researchers.


Health Psychology faculty provide clinical services to children and adults with and without neurodevelopmental disorders in outpatient and inpatient settings. We are the sole provider of neuropsychological and rehabilitation psychology services for the MU Health Sciences Center and the primary provider of these services for central Missouri.


We provide training in clinical psychology at the predoctoral and postdoctoral level.

Our goals are focused on helping individuals and their families adjust to disabilities by assisting with the clarification of impairments, the development of compensatory strategies, the process of coping with residual difficulties, and the identification of appropriate community resources.