Dustin Germain, Student Services, Chair


The primary goal of the School of Health Professions (SHP) Staff Advisory Council is to provide a voice for the SHP staff to share their concerns, to offer guidance to both staff and SHP leadership, to recognize the accomplishments of SHP staff and to offer growth and development opportunities within the school for staff. The Council handles matters that are referred to them from the School of Health Professions Dean, those that the Staff Council initiates and those that the staff of the School of Health Professions may request. Meetings are held monthly and are open to all SHP staff who wish to attend.

Staff Council Members

Dustin Germain, Chair

Liz Beal

Leanna Garrison

Michelle McReynolds

Bethany Silvey

Terri Stone

Lynn Herdzina

Katrina Rowland

Bev Denbigh

Jill Diener 

Michelle Custer

Cathi Veach 

Zach Lawhorn 


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