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DRAFT Office of Research

The Office of Research assists School of Health Professions faculty seeking internal and external project funding. We facilitate research within and across our departments as well as faculty participation in interdisciplinary research across the university community.

Check out our Office of Research Faculty Resources Box folder (authentication required) for information about funding opportunities, grant writing, research metrics and more.

Judith Goodman
Judith Goodman
Associate Dean for Research
Mary Clark
Mary Clark
Senior Grant Writer
Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson
Grants and Contracts Specialist
Andrea Lawless
Andrea Lawless
Senior Grant writer
Joseph Sall
Joe Sall
Manager, Grants and Contracts

Research support

The SHP Office of Research Support assists faculty in locating grant opportunities and preparing grant proposal submissions.

  • Please email the grants office as soon as possible about your plan to submit a proposal, including the solicitation/request for applications (RFA) link and the due date.
  • A member of the pre-award team will be assigned your proposal and contact you regarding proposal timeline and requirements. You may schedule a meeting with your team member to discuss proposal submission at any time. Be sure to schedule meetings for both grant writing and fiscal support.
  • The Office of Sponsored Programs requests that proposals are submitted 5 business days in advance of the sponsor due date. If a holiday occurs during this time, please add additional days.
  • The SHP Office of Research requires your proposal prior to the OSPA due date to allow time for editing, formatting, converting files to pdf and uploading files to the online application portal. This time varies depending on number of other submissions being submitted during the same time period and can be between 2 and 5 working days. Please contact your grant staff for internal deadlines.

Proposal development

We support proposal development by:

  • Meeting individually with faculty to learn about your research interests and to plan grant submissions
  • Finding funding sources that match your research ideas
  • Developing a proposal preparation timeline
  • Providing a checklist of grant components
  • Providing samples of successful proposals or lists of investigators who have been awarded similar grants in the past, when possible
  • Developing a budget and assisting you with the budget narrative
  • Complete all financial PeopleSoft records
  • Drafting or providing boilerplate for non-project narrative components (e.g., budget narrative, facilities)
  • Drafting letters of support
  • Review and editing of narrative, biosketches and all documents
  • Completing online application forms
  • Ensuring that all documents have been completed and formatted according to guidelines
  • Converting all documents to pdf format
  • Uploading pdfs to online submission portals
  • Managing the internal institutional approval process
  • Serving as liaisons with the Office of Sponsored Programs for proposal submission

Timing is EVERYTHING. The more advance notice, the more support our office is able to provide.

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