Dr. Michelle Teti

Michelle Teti

Associate Professor

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phone 573-882-5093

place 806 Clark Hall

Alese Thompson portrait

Alese M. Thompson

Clinical Site Coordinator and Assistant Clinical Professor

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phone 573-882-9722

place 617 Lewis Hall

Aaron Thompson

Aaron M. Thompson

Director and Professor, School of Social Work

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phone 573-882-0124

place 718 Clark Hall


Melanie M Tkach

Postdoctoral Fellow

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phone 573-882-7085

Sarah Myers Tlapek

Sarah Myers Tlapek

Adjunct Instructor

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phone 573-882-2435

place 724 Clark Hall

Alice Townsend

Alice Townsend

Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program Director and Assistant Clinical Professor

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phone 573-884-2994

place 405 Lewis Hall


Emilia Trickey

Patient Service Representative

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place 501 Clark Hall

Kate Trout

Kate Trout

Assistant Professor

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phone 573-882-9435

place 329 Clark Hall


Jollyn Tyryfter

Assistant Extension Professor in Nutrition and Health Information

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phone 573-882-2399

place 208 Gentry Hall