MHS CDS Degree in DMU Prerequisites for Graduate Application

All pre-requisites must be completed with a minimum of C or higher

Math1100 or 1200 · College Algebra (3)
Psych 1000 · Gen Psychology (3)
Chem 1320 · College Chemistry 1 (4)
Bio1010 &1020 or 1500 · General Biology (5)
Phys 1210 · Gen/Elem Coll Physics (4-5)
P&A 2201 & 2203 · Elem Anatomy (5)
Physiol 3202 · Elements of Physiology (w/ lab)(5)
CDS 2190 · Medical Terminology (3)
DMU 1000 · Intro to DMU (1)(for non US / sonography BS degree)
ESC PS 4170 or Stat 1200/1300 · Intro to Ed Stat (3)
Eng 1000 · Exposition (3)
Comm 1200 · Intro to Speech Comm (3)
Sociol 1000 · Sociology (3)
Medical Ethics 2440 or Clinical Ethics 4480 (3)

 NOTE: Students who have a BHS in DMU or equivalent can select a minimum of 47 credit hours after completing the Required General DMU courses the first summer, fall and spring semesters of their First Professional Graduate year. Fifteen credit hours of MHS must be at DMU 8000 level which includes Topics in DMU, Education and Research.

Students who have a BHS, BS or BA in another medical, healthcare specialty or health profession must take at least 113 graduate credit hours of DMU courses in general, vascular and Echocardiac, over 2.5- 3 years from the first semester of acceptance. Fifteen credit hours of MHS must be at DMU 8000 level which includes Topics in DMU, Education and Research.

Students seeking a MHS in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound should schedule an appointment with Dr. Moses Hdeib, DMU Program Director and Director of Graduate Studies to discuss the track that they wish to specialize in.


Summer Semester

DMU7312 Sect Anatomy (3)
DMU7313 US Physics (3)
DMU7338 Cardiac Princpl / Hemo (3)
DMU7941 US Clin I (7)
DMU7945 Cardiac US Clin V (6)
DMU8085 Problems
DMU8050 / DMU8090 Research

Fall Semester

DMU7309 Norm US Clin (5)
DMU7311 Path Images US (3)
DMU7326 Vascular US Princpl / Hemo (3)
DMU7315 US Instr (3)
DMU7325 Clinical Pharmacology (3)
DMU7342 Adult Cardiac US (5)
DMU7946 Cardiac US Clin VI (6)
DMU7993 US Clin II (8)
DMU7943 US Clin III (6)
DMU8085 Problems
DMU8050 / 8090 Research

Spring Semester

DMU7234 Clin Patho (WI)(3)
DMU7314 Abdominal US (5)
DMU7318 GYN US (3)
DMU7320 OB US (3)
DMU7322 Superficial Organs US (3)
DMU7330 Vasc US Lab
DMU7332 Vascular US (4)
DMU7944 Vasc US Clin IV (7)
DMU8001 Topics (3)
DMU8050 / DMU8085 Research
DMU8050 / DMU8090 Research
DMU8346 Ped Cardiac US (4)
DMU8947 Applied Clin Research & Practicum (8)