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Undergraduate Application

Undergraduate Application

Submit the $40.00 Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program application fee with the completed healthcare volunteering and observation forms as well as all official transcripts to be received by the DMU Program Admissions Committee no later than February 1st. Check or Money Order should be made out to University of Missouri. Do not send cash via mail. We are unable to accept either charge cards or Student Charge.

Deadline: February 1

Undergraduate candidates who apply to the DMU program must have and maintain a core cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.  Applications may be obtained by e-mail to the DMU Program Director, Dr. Moses Hdeib at

MU Financial Aid

Information available by contacting the Financial Aid Office
11 Jesse Hall
Columbia, MO 65211-4230
(573) 882-7506

Current University of Missouri Students

The DMU Admissions Committee will get testing information for students currently enrolled at MU from the UMC Registrar’s Office.

If you have not taken the ACT, or GRE, or wish to update your scores, the test is available through the University Testing Center, 205 Parker Hall. Call at least one week in advance for an appointment (573-882-4801).

If the MU location is not convenient for you, check with your own school’s testing office to make arrangements for the exam.

Test of English As A Foreign Language (TOEFL)

We expect international students to know English well enough to:

• Comprehend oral lectures
• Participate in discussions
• Read textbooks with full comprehension
• Write effectively in English

The minimum TOEFL score for the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program is 100 in the new scoring model. This is equivalent to a paper-based score of 600.

CLEP/Advanced Placement Scores

CLEP and Advanced Placement scores are accepted in accordance with the University and School of Health Professions policies. Students who have completed less than 90 credits may complete course requirements through CLEP or AP testing. CLEP or AP scores awarded for weighted pre-requisites GPAs will result in the GPA being calculated on only graded credits available.

Note that acceptance to MU does not guarantee acceptance to the DMU program, but ultimate admission to the DMU program is contingent upon admission to the University of Missouri- Columbia.

In addition to meeting the academic and clinical education requirements, students must possess and exhibit those personal qualities and characteristics which are associated with patient welfare and professional trust. High ethical standards of behavior are an integral aspect of the academic and professional conduct, and they are a part of the regular overall evaluation process.

SHarP Scholar Application

The Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program offers an early admission option for high school seniors and first semester MU freshmen. Students selected as SHarP Scholars, who remain in good standing, are guaranteed a position in the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program upon successful completion of the requirements for admission to the program.

Potential SHarP Scholar students must:

  1. Must be a minimum High School senior.
  2. Hold a current GPA of 3.75 OR be top 10% rank in your high school OR minimum composite ACT of 30 / SAT of 1330.
  3. Upon admission to the University of Missouri applicant must choose your degree program/major to be the same as you have chosen for this application (i.e. Program Name – Pre Health Professions). (
  4. Make an appointment with the Program Director to discuss your application. It is highly recommended to meet with the program director before beginning the application process. Contact for contact information.

**Meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee acceptance as a SHarP Scholar

To apply:


All candidates must submit official transcripts of their previous course work to determine if the minimum prerequisites have been met. Undergraduates must have a minimum of 35 acceptable credit hours of prerequisite curriculum and graduate students must have a minimum of 45 acceptable credit hours.

You must have official transcripts of completed college work from every school attended. Send transcripts to:

Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program
University of Missouri-Columbia
405 Lewis Hall
Columbia, MO 65211-4560

Transcripts must be received by February 1, of year of application for undergraduate applicants. If you cannot be certain an official transcript will arrive by this date, a photostatic or unofficial copy accompanying your application will suffice until the official transcript is received.

Moses Hdeib, M.D., RDMS, RDCS, RVT
Program Director and Director of Graduate Studies
Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound
School of Health Professions
University of Missouri
405 Lewis Hall
Columbia, MO 65211-4560
Telephone: 573-884-2994