Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound

DMU Bachelor’s degree admission and application


Admission requirements

Candidates applying to the DMU program must have completed or be in the process of completing appropriate prerequisite credits for the MU-DMU program. A maximum of one outstanding core science can be taken during the semester of application (see sample curriculum).

Previously granted degree(s) and/or prerequisite course work may be completed at any regionally accredited university, college or community college if appropriate courses are available. Contact the Health Professions Student Services Office at 573-882-8011 to make sure any course that you have taken or will take off campus is transferable and meets our requirements for the DMU program. Prerequisite courses should be completed before beginning the DMU program for the term of application.

Any student interested in applying to the DMU program should seek advisement by the program director, Alice Townsend, as soon as possible to assure that all general education and prerequisite courses including the criteria for application have been completed.

Student policy and/or student handbook can be obtained by contacting Professor Townsend.

Physical requirements

Applicants to the DMU program must be physically capable of holding extended arm positions and prolonged application of pressure during ultrasound procedures. There should be no history of neck, arm, back or leg trauma that may prevent performing typical duties such as pushing and pulling ultrasound machines, assisting with patient care that may entail bending over and lifting patients in and out of wheelchairs and beds, as well as moving furniture in and out of patient rooms in order to perform ultrasound exams on the patient in the hospital room.

The applicant must have sufficient hearing and vision to assess audible and visual Doppler accurately. Applicants must be able to speak articulate English to effectively communicate with patients, including children and the elderly population, as well as with doctors and hospital personnel.

ADA compliance

The University of Missouri complies with the guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Contact the DMU program for technical and physical issues related to the ultrasound profession.

Felony statement

The DMU Program Progress Committee may decide to deny an individual the opportunity to graduate from the DMU Program or may deny an individual clinical training if a person has been convicted of a felony.

Criminal background check

The majority of your fieldwork placements will require the completion of a criminal background check. Depending on the specific placement this may also include a fingerprint check and clearance from the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services . An undesirable report could affect a student’s placement in a clinical site. If student is unable to be placed the student will not be able to complete the course and therefore would be withdrawn from the major.

Fieldwork placement may also require government issued identification for vetting purposes. Students will need to have a United States issued Social Security Number (SSN).

Early admission

High school seniors and first-semester MU freshmen may be eligible to apply for early admission to the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound program.

Nondiscrimination policy

The University of Missouri’s nondiscrimination policy applies to all aspects of educational programs and activities.

Academic integrity

All members of the university community are expected to share in our commitment to ethical behavior.


Any student interested in applying to the DMU program should seek advisement by the program director as soon as possible to assure that all general education and prerequisite courses including the criteria for application have been completed.

How to apply

Applicants must complete Department of Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences (CDS) forms and the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program application materials. Submit as attachments in an email to umhsshpdmu@health.missouri.edu. All materials must be received by the Admissions Committee on or before Feb. 1.

Required application materials

It is highly recommended to meet with an advisor prior to submitting an application to the program.

Download all application documents to your local drive. Complete the forms, save the forms to your local drive and submit as instructed. Keep a copy of all submitted forms!

Department forms
  1. Download the CDS Undergraduate Application. Complete the application form using your computer. Do not send a scanned copy. Digital & electronic signatures are accepted.
  2. Download the CDS Clinical Immunizations Authorization Form. Compile your health history data to help you fill out the Clinical Immunizations Authorization Form. This is not a list of things for you to complete before the application due date. We only need to know your current status.
    1. Clinical Immunizations Authorization Form Supporting Materials. Submit a copy, screenshot or scan of your health record used to complete the Clinical Immunizations Authorization form. We do not need original forms.
Program application materials
  1. Download the DMU Application Checklist and Program Information to your device. This will include
    • the DMU Applicant Check Off Sheet for tracking
    • admission criteria
    • Letter of Intent instructions
      1. Create a letter to support your application materials following the information listed in the Letter of Admissions Committee Instructions. This should be submitted in a Word, text or PDF file. We are unable to view Mac .pages files.
    • DMU Academic Course List
      1. Complete this with all courses you have already taken, are currently taking and plan to take to complete the required courses
    • Volunteer Work Documentation Form
      1. Print this form and take with you to complete during your volunteer hours and ask each supervisor to sign for verification of completion
    • Minimum Technical Standards
      1. Read the standards required for the profession and sign at the bottom of the form where requested
    • MU DMU Program Information contains basic information regarding the program and what will be required of all accepted students
      1. Sign at the bottom to confirm you understand what is required of each student
  2. Application Fee. Submit the $40.00 Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program application fee by cash, check or money order.
    • Check or money order should be made out to University of Missouri
    • Cash must be exact change. Do not send cash via mail; make an appointment by emailing umhsshpdmu@health.missouri.edu to drop off during regular business hours
    • Credit or debit card payments may be made via Touchnet
  3. Submit your completed and signed application materials by attaching in an email and sending to umhsshpdmu@health.missouri.edu
    • CDS Undergraduate Application
    • CDS Immunization Authorization Form
    • CDS Immunization Authorization Form supporting materials
    • Letter of Intent
    • DMU Academic Course List
    • Volunteer Work Documentation Form
    • Minimal Technical Standards
    • MU DMU Program Information

All application materials are due to the no later than Feb. 1. Applicants may contact the office to verify receipt of any materials at any time by emailing umhsshpdmu@health.missouri.edu.

Current University of Missouri students

The DMU Admissions Committee will get testing information for students currently enrolled at MU from the UMC Registrar’s Office.

If you have not taken the ACT, or GRE, or wish to update your scores, the test is available through the University Testing Center, 205 Parker Hall. Call at least one week in advance for an appointment (573-882-4801).

If the MU location is not convenient for you, check with your own school’s testing office to make arrangements for the exam.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

We expect international students to know English well enough to:

• Comprehend oral lectures
• Participate in discussions
• Read textbooks with full comprehension
• Write effectively in English

The minimum TOEFL score for the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program is 100 in the new scoring model. This is equivalent to a paper-based score of 600.

CLEP/Advanced Placement scores

CLEP and Advanced Placement scores are accepted in accordance with the University and School of Health Professions policies. Students who have completed less than 90 credits may complete course requirements through CLEP or AP testing. CLEP or AP scores awarded for weighted pre-requisites GPAs will result in the GPA being calculated on only graded credits available.

Note that acceptance to MU does not guarantee acceptance to the DMU program, but ultimate admission to the DMU program is contingent upon admission to the University of Missouri- Columbia.

In addition to meeting the academic and clinical education requirements, students must possess and exhibit those personal qualities and characteristics which are associated with patient welfare and professional trust. High ethical standards of behavior are an integral aspect of the academic and professional conduct, and they are a part of the regular overall evaluation process.


All candidates must submit official transcripts of their previous course work to determine if the minimum prerequisites have been met. Undergraduates must have a minimum of 35 acceptable credit hours of prerequisite curriculum and graduate students must have a minimum of 45 acceptable credit hours.

You must have official transcripts of completed college work from every school attended. Send transcripts to:

Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program
University of Missouri-Columbia
405 Lewis Hall
Columbia, MO 65211-4560

Transcripts must be received by Feb. 1 the of year of application for undergraduate applicants. If you cannot be certain an official transcript will arrive by this date, a photostatic or unofficial copy accompanying your application will suffice until the official transcript is received.