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To apply:

Schedule an advising appointment with the program director to discuss the application for the Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Program. For questions regarding your pre-requisites, contact the program director or the School of Health Professions Student Services advisor.

Download the application materials below to your local drive. Open, complete and save using Adobe Acrobat Reader (Adobe Reader download).

  1. Read the Introduction Letter
  2. Review and understand the Admission Requirements
  3. Reference the Advising Worksheet for coursework questions
  4. Complete the undergraduate application packet.  This should be returned via email as well as a signed hard copy.
    1. in PDF form
    2. in Word form
  5. Complete an essay
    1. Please address the following question with a thoughtful and honest evaluation. We request that your essay be 500 to 1000 words in length.
      Please explain why you decided to apply to the CLS clinical program. Include what you consider to be advantages and disadvantages of choosing a career in clinical laboratory science, as compared to other professions that you have considered. What personal characteristics do you have, and what experiences have you had, which will allow you to succeed in this program and field?
  6. Send the Reference Forms to acceptable references with instructions to send these directly to the CLS Application Committee
  7. Attach the $40.00 application fee by cash, check or
    money order.

    • Check or Money Order should be made out to University of Missouri.
    • Cash must be exact change. Do not send cash via mail.
    • We are unable to accept Mizzou Student Charge.
    • Debit / credit cards: email for information
  8. Submit the completed application, essay and the $40.00 Clinical Laboratory Science Application Fee by November 1st to:
    Clinical Laboratory Science Application Committee
    Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences Department
    School of Health Professions
    University of Missouri
    605 Lewis Hall
    Columbia, MO 65211
  9. Email the completed application and essay to

It is highly advisable to meet with the program director and/or an advisor from the SHP Student Services to check your acceptance eligibility prior to submitting an application.

Early Admission to the CLS Program

The CLS Program will grant conditional early admission to the CLS Program for students who

  1. meet all academic requirements for the clinical program while maintaining at least a 3.40 in both cumulative GPA and core math/science classes GPA,
  2. successfully pass background checks and screens prior to the beginning of summer student lab, and
  3. successfully complete an interview process.

Students are expected to meet standards of professional behavior that are required of those working in clinical sites.

Early application may be made for participation in the clinical program at the beginning of the Spring semester of the sophomore year.  Please contact Steven Starr for an application. Students should meet with the School of Health Professions Student Services Advisor ( to discuss qualifications prior to applying.

SHarP Scholar Application

The Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program offers an early admission option for high school seniors and first semester MU freshmen. Students selected as SHarP Scholars, who remain in good standing, are guaranteed a position in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program upon successful completion of the requirements for admission to the program.

Potential SHarP Scholar students must:

  1. Must be a minimum High School senior.
  2. Hold a current GPA of 3.75 OR be top 10% rank in your high school OR minimum composite ACT of 30 / SAT of 1330.
  3. Upon admission to the University of Missouri applicant must choose your degree program/major to be the same as you have chosen for this application (i.e. Program Name – Pre Health Professions). (
  4. Make an appointment with the Program Director to discuss your application. It is highly recommended to meet with the program director before beginning the application process. Contact for contact information.

**Meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee acceptance as a SHarP Scholar

To apply:

Students accepted as CLS SHarP Scholars must maintain at least a 3.4 in both cumulative GPA and core math/science classes GPA. They must also successfully pass background checks and screens prior to the beginning of summer student lab, and successfully complete an interview process. The admission interview can take place during their Sophomore or Junior year (in December).