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Bachelor’s Degree

Doctor Looking in MicroscopeBHS CDS with an Emphasis in Clinical Laboratory Science

The Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Program at MU leads to a Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences emphasis in Clinical Laboratory Science. The CLS Program has been reactivated to meet the growing demands of Certified Clinical Laboratory Scientists in Missouri and beyond.

Once in the program, students will spend 13 weeks at the University of Nebraska’s Medical Center in Omaha to begin their coursework and laboratory introduction and rotations. Upon completion of the summer student lab in Omaha, students will complete their clinical rotations at either the University of Missouri Hospital, Harry S Truman Veterans Hospital, Boone Hospital, or the Truman Medical Center at Hospital Hill in Kansas City, Missouri (students will be asked to provide a preference site assignment but the final assignment is up to the CLS program director). Coursework will be completed online through the University of Nebraska’s Blackboard course management system. The Clinical Laboratory Science Program requires 43 credit hours once students begin the program.

Students graduate with a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences with emphasis in Clinical Laboratory Science from the University of Missouri with a Certificate in Medical Technology from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to take the Medical Technology Licensure examination given by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

Clinical Facilities

Clinical rotations will be through the following facilities:

  • University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia, Missouri
  • Harry S. Truman Veterans Hospital in Columbia, Missouri
  • Boone Hospital Center in Columbia, Missouri
  • Truman Medical Center at Hospital Hill in Kansas City, Missouri

Graduates are eligible to apply for ASCP board certification as medical laboratory scientists upon completion of the program.