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Doctor Looking in MicroscopeClinical Laboratory Scientists perform the many laboratory tests and procedures used to diagnose, monitor, and treat disease. They are trained in the theoretical and practical aspects of clinical laboratory medicine, which include chemistry, hematology, microbiology, blood banking, serology, immunology, and molecular pathology. There is a critical national shortage of trained Clinical Laboratory Scientists, with more than 140,000 job openings; this number is actually increasing because of an aging workforce with high retirement rates.

About MU Clinical Laboratory Science (MUCLS)

The University of Missouri offers a Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) degree in Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) with an emphasis in Medical Laboratory Science. This is a four year program, which also requires students to go through a formal admission process prior to their fourth and final year of clinical study. Please note that the admission process for the clinical year is competitive, and currently MUCLS is only able to annually admit 12 students into our clinical training program.

MUCLS clinical training is done in partnership with the NAACLS accredited CLS Program of the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Students begin their clinical year in mid-May with 13 weeks of summer student lab in Omaha, Nebraska, followed by 9 months of clinical training in Columbia, Missouri.

All students who successfully complete their year of clinical training are qualified to sit for a national Board of Certification Exam sponsored by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). Passing this exam earns the student the title of ASCP Certified Medical Laboratory Scientist, and entitles them to use MLS(ASCP) after their name to verify that they are proficient in their field. ASCP Certification has been the industry standard for laboratory professionals since 1928.
Additional information is available by contacting:

ASCP Board of Certification
Phone: 312.738.1336, ext. 1344