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CDS Graduate Programs

Advance your career with a Master of Health Science in Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences from Mizzou!

The Master of Health Science in Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences (MHS CDS) is designed for practicing health care providers seeking to build advanced, profession-specific competencies and learn how to develop safe and effective interprofessional health care teams.

The program offers emphasis areas for health care professionals who hold active credentials in clinical laboratory science, diagnostic medical ultrasound, nuclear medicine, radiography and respiratory therapy. Health care professionals who do not have a one of these credentials may complete this degree without a transcripted emphasis area.

Program overview

The MHS CDS program is a 30-credit, online program which is designed to be completed part-time by practicing health care professionals. The curriculum is organized into three parts with integrated opportunities to achieve stackable credentials.

Interprofessional core courses

Interprofessional core courses (9 credit hours) offer practical preparation for effective team functioning.

  • Hth_Pr 7100 Intro to Interprofessional Practice (1 credit hour)
  • CDS 8410 Clinical Analytics (3 credit hours)
  • CDS 8420 Clinical Management (3 credit hours)
  • CDS 8430 Clinical Leadership (2 credit hours)

Leadership electives

Leadership electives (minimum 12 credit hours) offer preparation for one of three career paths:

  • Health care facilities (hospitals, clinics);
  • Higher education programs preparing entry-to-practice health care professionals (colleges, universities); or
  • Health care industry (medical equipment or pharmaceutical sales and customer support).

Students should identify leadership elective courses of interest within the first semester of enrollment in the program. Leadership electives plan must be approved by the program director no later than the beginning of the second semester of enrollment in the program. Electives include graduate certificates such as the following:

Emphasis area electives

Emphasis area electives (minimum 6 credit hours) prepare students for one or more advanced professional credentials.

The program culminates in a personalized capstone project (CDS 8990 Clinical Capstone) with a potential employer that is tailored to the student’s management and/or leadership goals (3 credit hours).

Program eligibility

Eligible students must:

  1. have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  2. have earned a 3.0 or better GPA in the last 60 hours of baccalaureate coursework (for applicants with less than a master’s degree).
  3. meet additional requirements for international applicants.

If your degree is from a U.S. college or school, the institution must be approved by one of the following U.S. Regional Accrediting Bodies:

If your degree is from a non-U.S. college or university, the institution must be recognized and approved by the Ministry of Education or Commission responsible for higher education in the country where the degree is earned. The degree must be equivalent to a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree, or higher degree. Contact with questions regarding degree equivalency.